DIY | Phonecase Makeover

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Hello there beauties! I hope you all are fine and doing good. :)
Since this is our first interaction I thought of posting something that might reflect my personality and the thought took me back to a DIY I did for my phone case so here i am posting it for you guys! :)

To do a DIY you must know what you are going to do and how you want it to be done. When you talk about phone cases we have a variety of patterns to choose from such as Abstract art, Greek designs, Animal prints, Symbols, or just Bold colors. Since i am an art person i chose it to be something artistic.

IMG-20141018-WA005390 (1)

It was a daring attempt yet very simple. All i did was grab some nail colors from my corner, phone case, nail polish remover and a paint brush (a sponge might work too if you are not doing anything precise). I picked up the the nail colors that had started getting lumpy and were no longer useful. Added few drops of nail polish remover so that it can be applied easily. Then I took the paperback transparent case & one nail color, with the help of paint brush I drew lines on the inside of my case. I repeated the same step using two other nail paints. Because I wanted to give it an abstract look I smeared over the colors with my paint brush and left it to dry when I was satisfied that every area was covered. After it dried up I took a white blank paper and sized it according to the dimension of my phone case cutting out the space for side buttons and camera, I pasted it on the inside of the case as shown in picture, so the pattern remains intact and my phone stays clean of any peels. Lastly i used a transparent top coat on the outside of my case to give it a shiny and complete look! :)


It is very simple and can be easily done with any stuff available. Also you can cut out your own patterns, shapes, symbols using paper, card paper, fomic sheet, etc and just arrange them the way you like. I liked the way how mine turned out what do you guys think? :)





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