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Damaged hair is a common problem among us girls. Hair damage is caused by a number of reasons i.e heat, pollution, climate, styling, chemicals, etc. and here in our country these seem like the major problems. Damaged hair looks unhealthy, brittle, dull and can break off easily & I am sure none of us would want that. So how to protect your hair from being easily damaged? …. By providing them with proper nutrition and using the right products.

Today I am sharing with you a product that has changed my VERY damaged hair to a little healthier in just 1 wash.  Last month when I wasn’t able to go for my monthly routine shopping & my sister brought this LOLANE KERATIN HAIR MASK I was quite hesitant to use it. I haven’t used a Lolane product before though I was familiar with the brand I didn’t see many people talking about it. I am already very conscious about my hair and wanted to get every little detail about the product before using it, but sadly I didn’t find many reviews on the product but the one I read clearly displayed positive points so I finally gave in AND I was glad I did! :)



Coming back to the product, Lolane had introduced these keratin repair mask under three categories, damaged due to i.Heat & Blow Dry ii.Coloring  iii.Straightening. Mine was the one that helps rejuvenate hair damaged from Heat & Blow dry. I don’t really blow dry my hair often but yes exposure to sunlight on daily basis is a routine so it was understandable. It came in a big white tub that has a tight lid on top and contains 200 grams. The formula is mild and doesn’t have a strong smell, it is rather sweet. It claims to rejuvenate damaged hair by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out i.e it helps protect & rebuild the cuticle layer of hair.

Many of you might already know the importance of Keratin in our  hair, but for those who don’t let me give a brief explanation. Talking about Keratin, it is the most important protein that along with lipids and other components builds up the protective cuticle layer of our hair which keeps hair healthy and hydrated. When this layer is damaged it leaves the inside cortex unprotected and dry which leads to brittle and delicate hair. Excess heat and use of chemicals may cause damage to this layer. This mask helps in protecting and reviving the cuticle layer by the help of Triple-Keratin & Honey extracts.

What I Found? Personally, I didn’t have high expectations from the product but I was blown away by the result after my first use. It immediately smoothed my hair and the difference was noticeable. My hair felt healthier, smooth and shiny. I wanted to be sure about it so I asked my mom and sisters and they too said it looked healthier. I was even complimented by my friends. From then on I started using it regularly and my hair got better & better and I also noticed a slight difference in the volume of my hair! :D The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t come out of your hair easily, which is not very unusual & yeah my hair fall still remains a problem but the product doesn’t claim anything related to hair fall so I won’t complain. :P


 I use it after shampooing my hair & leave it for 3-5 mins before washing out thoroughly. I am in love with this product and will surely recommend it to you guys! :) If you have any good suggestions for Hair fall reduction kindly leave a message. Have a great day! xx






  1. Whoa i so wanna try this now! Will definitely write about my experience too. Yours has totally convinced me to give this a try!



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