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Just Reviews | Ponds & MAYBELLINE

 Hello lovelies! How are you all? :) How did your weekend go? Sorry for being away for so long… It’s just my hectic routine that keeps me from blogging often. But I’ll always make sure to come and post something for you guys. :)
So today I am just reviewing. It will be my thoughts on two creams. :P Ponds White Beauty Daily Anti Spot Fairness Cream & MAYBELLINE Dream Fresh BB cream!

i. Ponds White Beauty Anti Spot Fairness Cream:
We will start with this beauty! 
This was my first Ponds product. I didn’t used Ponds before and gave this one a try when I read positive reviews about it. I bought the smaller tube to test how it worked out and I am happy with the results of this cream. It is based on GenWhite formula (which adapts to your skin and lightens it from within in just 7 days)  & claims to reduce dark spots. It does what it claims. I have noticed a difference in dark spots and my skin tone is a lot better than usual. It didn’t miraculously affect my skin tone and made it fair but it does keep it balanced. It has dry formula & makes my skin feel dry and itchy right after application so I do bother a light moisturizer before applying it. More or less I like this cream & it is easily available and quite cheap. :)
 Availability: Easily available at all drugstores. I bought this 25 grams tube from Hyderi Super Market for 90PKR (which was on some discount & originally it costs 99 PKR) also a 50 grams tub is available for 220 PKR.
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Lets now talk about this BB cream!
It has a Gel based formula & the consistency of this cream is mild which is kind of good. This BB claims to enhance skin with 8 benefits. Now lets see how true is that for me!
1. Creates a natural Glow: Yes, it does give you a natural glow.
2. Compliments skin tone: Yes but you have to blend it properly, because initially it gives a very whitish look but as you go on blending it in, it adjusts to the skin tone.
3. SPF30 UV protection: SPF30 is a plus point here because yes I am the kind of girl who stays in sun for 10 minutes and her face is already sun burnt. I am not a chemist and cannot tell you how well this works though I do not just depend on it and wear a Sunblock too.
4. Hydrates all day: Yes it does.
5. Blurs Imperfections: Nope, it does not cover up much, let alone any major spots or acne it is just good enough to hide the redness.
6. Oil- free, non greasy: Yes, but it oxidizes throughout the day.
7. Looks visibly smooth: Yes.
8. Feels fresh: Only for an hour or a little more after application, and people with an oily skin might still need something better.
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If you want to wear something light and are in no mood to apply all that foundation, this is your thing. Well it does not cover any major spots but it does even the skin tone. It has an oil free formula but it oxidizes on me through out the day so I usually apply it like a normal cream, blend it and then set it with Maybelline Smooth & Clear Cake Powder. Together they work better! And with the powder it  stays put for upto 4-5 hours. I find it okay but not too good.
Availability: Easily available on Maybelline counters for 650 PKR.
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