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Halloween Looks ☠


It’s Halloween on my side of the world tomorrow! I am so excited, I wanted to post these looks earlier but I was too caught up in other stuff but no worries here I am sharing with you what I did.

1. Sugar Skull look:
This one was my first look and the easiest. I was actually inspired by a look I found on Pinterest pinned by Erica Silberstein and decided to try it out.


What I used:

  • Maybelline BB cream (review here)
  • Etude House jumbo black kohl pencil
  • Becute eyeliner marker
  • Eyeshadow Palette (unbranded)
  • BYS Ruby Red lip tint

What I did:
Firstly I applied the BB all over my face. I don’t have a white kohl pencil so I used BB as a base and applied white eye shadow all over my face and neck. Then I used Becute Eyeliner marker to draw the outline and design on my eye socket and colored the black part using Etude house jumbo kohl pen & the eye shadow did not show up much color so I used red lip tint first and then set it with red eye shadow. Similarly I did the rest of my makeup using the same product. Dusted of any extra and I was ready! :)


2. Half Human Half Skull:
This one was pretty catchy to me & I found this pinned too. This had to be my eye candy so I tried it out. :P


 What I used:

  • Etude house jumbo Black kohl pencil
  • Catrice Eyeliner pen Black Bindi
  • Maybelline BB cream
  • Olay Whitening cream
  • Maybelline Smooth & Clear Cake Powder
  • Eyeshadow palette (non branded)
  • Color studio Pure Matte – Fairytale

What I did:

Applied Maybelline’s BB on one half and my mom’s Olay Whitening cream which is too white for my complexion, on the other half, patted it with white eyeshadow. After that I used the Etude’s khol pencil to color my eye socket, cheek bone & nose. For precised lining I used Catrice eyeliner pen. For the other human half I used Maybelline’s smooth & clear cake powder after applying BB and  I used pink eyeshadow for my eye and color studio matte lipstick in fairytale ( I need a new camera now! -.- ) AND I was done. :)

3. The DEER Look:

The story actually started from here! My friend Jadirah Sarmad did a Fawn | Deer look first, and it was then when I went on looking at Kitten Moustache’s Fawn Look & Milkteef’s Bambi Makeup tutorial. I was so tempted by the looks that I wanted to try too. I saw many more Halloween makeup looks and went on doing the skull looks first & finally did the deer one! I was happy with what I did :D This look is not exactly the same as their’s I added whatever I liked from different inspirations.



What I used:

  • Catrice Eyeliner pen Black Bindi
    Maybelline BB cream
  • Maybelline Fit me Concealer
  • Eyeshadow palette (non branded)

What I did:

First I applied the BB all over. Then I used the concealer under my eyes, on the sides of my nose, chin, cupids bow and the middle of forehead. I used a bit of shadow to cover the parts I had applied concealer to. Then I applied a non branded blush in golden brown shade (that’s what I can call it I guess) on my cheeks, forehead & jawline and used a bronzer from Makeup Revolution on top of it. I used golden brown eye shadow on my eyelids & made the upper wing using Catrice eyeliner pen. Applied white eye shadow under my lower lid and outlined it with Catrice eyeliner pen. Again I used mum’s olay cream to draw dots on the cheeks near my temple. Patted them with white eye shadow and dusted off any extra. That’s what I did to create a deer look with whatever I had. :)

So these were my Halloween Looks! What did you guys do? :) Leave a comment for any suggestions & tell me what’s your look. :) xx

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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