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Hello November ❅❊

So finally, November is here. I can’t tell you how I wait all year just for this month. There are a number of reasons but mostly I feel connected to it. It’s a connection I can’t explain. November brings me happiness in all kinds. It brings me new beginning, new hopes, new aims, new promises and winters! I love winters, it’s my favorite season, the long and cozy nights! Warm clothes! The cold nights have already started making me shiver at night. ^-^ What a blessing! I love spending my evenings cuddled up in my comfy. I make aims & promises to myself every year in this month and the next year I’ll cut out the ones I’ve accomplished. Those are philosophical, behavioral, educational, skills or anything that I want to do or I want to get rid of or whatever my wish is. This might not make sense to many but it would to some. :) 
I started this blog giving a very slight hint of my personality, but today I am writing this to reveal a small part of ME through some random facts and do you know why I chose today? Because this day means a lot to me.  Again it’s like a new beginning, a new start to anything. So that is why I chose today. :)
Let’s start with the basic bio thingy ..
■ Hello people I am Momina and go by the nick Momo, Mumma and Momi. And beside Momina I have another name Moomal which was changed to Momina due to some reasons when I was 2 years old. Btw I like to be called Moomal. ;) 
■ I was born on November 22, 1994 in Karachi, which makes me 21 days to 20 years old!
■ I am currently studying Bio-medical Engineering.
■ I love sketching, drawing, painting, reading, writing & a lot more.
■ My favorite food is pizza, I can eat pizza for every meal and I don’t like burgers & mayonnaise at all.
■ My all time favorite color is black, coral red and blue.
■ Math has been my favorite subject before even now but excuse the calculus part please. :P
■ I love cats, dogs & horses. I wish to own my own farm with horse stable and go horse riding all the time. I am a pet lover and have owned many pets. :)
■ I am hardworking, but to an extent. I get bored easily.
■ Freedom is extremely important to me, and I don’t like to be restricted.
■ I don’t like people who are judgemental, selfish, diplomatic and who wouldn’t listen to anyone else other than their selves.
■ My star is Scorpittarius which is what I call my cusp. I have always been interested in astrology and stars. I believe all of it. When I was young there was always a confusion about my star being Scorpio or Sagittarius. I never wanted to be Scorpio because of the extreme nature they have and I would completely deny when someone told me I am a scorpion. I always believed that I am a Sagittarius, but a few years ago, I came across the topic of cusp. I researched quite alot on the topic and the conclusion said I was both because I was born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. It was hard for me to accept, because I didn’t like the sound of being Scorpio. There’s a whole lot of story of how I started acting normal to it and by today how I have control on the traits of both, which I will share with you some other day. :)
I at times develop obsessions which I pursue at all costs, whether the object of my obsession is a person or a goal. I am currently obsessed to blogging and *blushes* … we’ll keep it a secret for now. ;)
■ I like to be appreciated like any normal person, but I do accept my flaws and mistakes. I am always willing to improve.
 I’ll never say I’ll be there for a person if I don’t mean it. There are very few people whom I consider worthy of that. I believe in having fewer but true friends.
■ I am an introvert, I do not express myself easily but I am trying to do it right now! :D 
 ■ I have a foot in mouth problem and sometimes say stuff that is rude but I really don’t mean it. It’s just the stupid clumsy me and I always feel sorry afterwards. Though mom says it’s a good sign that I realize. :)
So, these are some random facts about me. :) Each and every of you who read this can tell me  facts about them! I would love to read about my readers!❤  Have a Happy November! :) xx
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I cherish every one of yours support Thankyou So Much! xx :)

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