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Who is Momina? Why does she Blog?

Hello to all the lovely people out there! :)
When we come across a blog or website, we always have these question in our mind, Who is this person? Why does he/she Blog? Is it a benefit to her/him? Is it their hobby? Do they like doing it? But the answers are different for different Blogs, afterall they are different people. :) And today I’ll tell you Who I am & Why I started Blogging.

Who Am I?
Hello, I am Momina Haseeb. I am 19 years old, soon to be 20 on November 22. :D I belong to Karachi, Pakistan & I am currently studying Bio-medical engineering. I am like most of the girls, with Fairy tale dreams and Makeup obsessions. I love everything from makeup to good shoes!
I’ve already done a post regarding random facts about me in my previous post.  If you are interested in getting to know more about me click here. :)
Why I started Blogging?
Ummm… I have a few reasons for it. I started reading beauty blogs regularly for about 2 years now. They caught so much of my attention & already I was a makeup addict. I kept thinking of why couldn’t I do something like this? The question was engraved in my mind by the start of 2014 and I started finding reasons for why I wanted to start my Blog. 
I’ve had a habit of writing a diary from a very young age. I love writing. I love chattering all the time but who am I supposed to talk to when I don’t find people with common interests? :P Haha, JK.. 
The main reason was finding my voice. I wanted to share my thoughts and feeling to people like me. I know I am not the only one who drools over cute packaging, hot lipsticks and latest fashion. I wanted to bound myself to a place that makes me happy and I thought what could be better than blogging. 
I’ve heard someone say, “What’s the big deal in setting up a Blog? Everybody can do it.” And I in my head scream, No! it’s not just that. Once you start anything it asks you for your interest, attention, money and most of all your time. So by the time I knew I was ready to give all of it I decided I will start a Beauty & Fashion + Lifestyle Blog, because I also like chatting on other topics so I chose it to be a lifestyle Blog too. And this is how Divine Smudge came into existence. :) I like to share my thoughts to people and even listen to theirs, I want them to share their ideas with me so together we can work for our betterment. :)
Also I mean business in knowing the brands and stuff. I wanted to earn my own money from something that makes me happy and this seemed like a very good option. :)
I love reading what you guys have to say, please feel free to leave a comment about anything, any suggestion! You can freely introduce yourself to me I would love reading your response. Have a great time! xoxo. :)

2 thoughts on “Who is Momina? Why does she Blog?

  1. I enjoyed reading through your blog. You have definitely found your voice in writing and your style is very consistent. I found myself smiling as I read your blog because I really felt like I got a sense of you in here! Thank you!

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