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Catrice – SpectaculArt Superfine Eyeliner Pen | Review


It’s a review day again. Just sharing my thoughts on Catrice Superfine Eyeliner pen Black Bindi. So, I have always loved eye liners and eye liner pens in particular. They are easy to apply and with better precision I think! ;)
Though I love the gel formula too! which is why I wanted to get my hands on Catrice Gel Eyeliner but sadly it wasn’t available on any counters and I didn’t find it online too. So when I went to a Catrice counter facing the disappointment again, the sales girl showed me this Eyeliner c01–Black Bindi from their limited edition. I asked her to show me a swatch and I was stunned at the precision. I made my mind and bought it. Silly me! -.-

About The Product:
This pen is from the Limited Edition “SpectaculArt” which was inspired by crossover couture and Indian bindi-look and came out in November 2012 – December 2012. Talking about this pen, it is designed to such precision that you can make ornamental design with it. It comes in a fine pen like tube with a click it cap. The cap is tight and you don’t have to worry about it falling off. It has a superfine-thin-felt-tip which allows you to line the thinnest line possible with a more professional look. It claims to be long lasting and the formula is a bit runny but not troublesome. 
What I Found:
I had high hopes from this pen but I was a bit disappointed. The tip tends to bend very easily. The first time I applied it I felt okay because it glided smoothly on my lash line with much precision, but the pigmentation was not so good, I didn’t noticed it while buying the product because the lighting there was already dim. I had to do two coats to make it look opaque. It wasn’t long after wearing that I rubbed my eye ( ugh, I have that bad habit -.- ) and bingo the liner was gone. (The picture clearly shows how easily it came off of rubbing two three times). It lost me on that. It claims to be a long lasting formula only if you keep your fingers away from your eyes.
1. The first swatch in picture is due to the tip, I had to use the pointed tip to make a thinner line which wont work so I had to try a number of times to get it done and the second swatch was lined by the bending point, the pigmentation is due to 2 layers. 2. I rubbed it off 3 times & you can see how it disappeared.
 The other disadvantage of the product I observed is pretty annoying. After using it 3-4 times I noticed that the product wont come out of the corner of tip, instead it leaked off the middle part of its tip when you bend it, which does not provide you proper precision and makes application a bit difficult because you can’t judge the amount of product that will come out. I didn’t understand why this happened. I tried to clean the tip of any clumps but no use. Such a disappointment. But again it is from a very old limited edition, which left me in doubt of getting an old piece maybe. :/ But I’ve seen similar reviews about the product so I guess I am not the only one.
Availibilty: Available on Catrice counters in leading stores. I bought mine from Scensation, Dollmen Mall.
Price: PKR 580 for 1ml.
Have you used this product? If yes, what are your findings?
I am currently drooling over They’re Real Pushup Gel Eyeliner by Benefit, what about you?

My Rating


Love, Momina


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