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The Body Shop Love

Exploring beauty products brings me so much pleasure! I love all of them and automatically crave for all of them! ^^ Recently I went to The Body Shop with my friends during lunch break. I must tell you how appalled I was! Most of you might already be The Body Shop lover but I am a new one. I already had a few items on my list but when I went there I had to add more to my list. Once I was at home I thought of cutting down a few for some other time but those were the ones that I have been trying to get my hands on from a few months but Idk, I wanted the new items on my list more than the old ones at that moment. :D Yes Yes I do that ALOT. I had to make up my mind completely for which I literally had to stop my self from going through the posts and website in fear of changing my mind again :D I haven’t bought those products yet but I’ll hit the store soon! Eh no! cuz actually I am trying to get my hands on a limited edition product which ofcourse is not here in our country! we’ll come to this product later because I almost forgot why I was writing this post! So let’s come to the point first.

Last month I had entered a giveaway by Maleeha Asif & luckily won the Instagram prize! And guess what, I didn’t exactly knew what I won because I saw the picture and the products were not very obvious to catch, I was busy writing a post so didn’t see the description. It was when my friend asked me and I went to check …I was like “Really?!! God has His way of granting wishes!” These were the two things I had cut off my list! :D I was so glad to win. ^^ I am loving the  goodies so much! Thankyou Maleeha! :) xx
See what it was:
i.The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream
ii.The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub
BodyshopgoodiesThere was a hand sanitizer too from Bath & Body in Pink chiffon. I am so happy with these, and I’ll be posting a complete review soon. :)
Let’s come to the stuff that I have on my list right now:


This cheek and lip stain doll is a special edition and that makes me want it more! I have a plan to get it, I just hope it stays in stock by then. :D Do you guys have any suggestions? :) What are your favourites from The Body Shop?
I love reading your feedback so feel free to leave a comment. :)
Disclaimer: The product pictures on my list have been taken from Google but the collage is created by Divine Smudge so watermarked.

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