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To Go Daily Makeup Routine

Today I am doing a short post related to my current very casual makeup routine. So… I don’t get to do complete/full coverage makeup on a daily basis and prefer very light coverage for my outdoors which is mostly my university. So here you go!

For Face

I am currently using Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream (review here) which doesn’t really hide much but evens out skin tone. I use Maybelline Smooth & Clear Cake powder to prevent that hideous greasy look! I like this compact powder! (I’ll be using Ponds BB real soon and posting a review on it, keep visiting ^^ ). I don’t wear a blush normally.
BB & Cake Powder

For Eyes

I don’t like the look of my dark circles but because I don’t use a concealer on daily basis I don’t go on applying it under my eyes either and besides recently I have learned the use of a corrector for dark circles so I guess I’ll have to wait to get one! 
Normally I had apply a winged liner or no liner at all. For that I use either one of my Kohls, Color Studio liquid graphique liner or depending on my mood if I have the energy to endure it’s application trouble Catrice pen (review here). I’m short on gel eyeliners! my bad. :|
For my eyelashes I use Elf Mascara Primer (review here ) and then apply either BYS waterproof mascara or sweet touch lash boost (my new love ♥ ).
For eyes

For Lips

Just a lip balm casually, and if in mood I am currently going nuts for anything and everything red! :D so I wear this BYS lip gloss in Ruby Red. I don’t like glossy shades but this one is nice, it doesn’t really give a very glossy look and I usually wipe it off a bit and leave a stain.
PicMonkey Collage

This has been my very casual makeup routine for this month!

What is yours? Do you like Matte lipsticks or prefer gloss? I love hearing from you. Please leave a comment. :)

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