Makeup Revolution – Amazing Lipstick in Dare


Before now I didn’t like wearing any lipsticks at all but few months ago I have been crazily loving lipsticks especially the ones with matte finish. As a newbie I went on coral and orangish shades before trying out a bold one and got hooked! :P Few days back I thought of getting myself some bolder shade. And oh yes before now I used to rummage my mom’s drawers for lippies and it was high time that I get myself some. So I went on to Just4Girls and looked through alot of yummy lippies. *When you feel like eating them! baaah :D* 

Back to the topic! I have been willing to try out Makeup Revolution and they are quite reasonable too so I went on to their stock. Ofcourse Dare from their Amazing Lipstick caught my attention and flew immediately to my cart! n_n Let me just say it! My first lipstick purchase! and one that was a very bold hot red, so sexy isn’t it? Ofcourse I was very excited to try it out! :D


 The packaging is fine for the price, I like how they have some product on top of the cap so you can easily spot the color. When I opened my lipstick the twisting shell came off. Pissed me a lot but anyways I wasn’t wasting anymore time on it. -.-  

MUR lipstick Dare

  • When I used it for the first time I did a swatch on my hand first and found out that the color was not really true red instead it was a bit more pink toned though it looked different on my lips, not red but not exactly as pink as on my hand.
  • It was very dry to apply so I used a lip balm before applying it all over the lips. The color as I told was not true red but turns red when layered on my lips. It is build-able. The texture is dry matte and makes me fall in love with it! <3
  • It was too dry only on the first application I guess maybe the top layer of the stick was, after using it two three times I didn’t need to use a lip balm underneath.
  • The pigmentation is so good and the matte finish makes your lips look more defined and full too.
  • What I love is the staying power. It’s long lasting and I wore it for 5 hours without meals and it was as good as it was when I applied it. After having my dinner I went on to see if it was still there and guess what it was! lighter though.

I am quite in Love with this lipstick and if you are a fan of  matte finish with bold colors I will definitely recommend it to you. :) I now want to buy their Lady and Chic from the same collection! I hope you enjoyed this post, I love reading your feedback so feel free to share your thoughts with me! xx :)

Availability: You can buy it online from Just4Girls.pk for PKR 225.




Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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