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20th Birthday Bash ✌


Hello Lovelies! How are you? I am doing great btw! Just loaded with work though but as promised I am here with the little details of my birthday bash!

Did you know I just turned 20 last Saturday on November 22, 2014. Not a teenager anymore! :D I always wanted to grow up faster and I am very happy that I am finally 20 years old! Yayyyy :D Sounds funny eh? :D

Last Wednesday, I somehow understood that my friends were going to give me a surprise birthday and the next day I knew I was right! :D But I didn’t want to go for my birthday with a worn out face and blah blah so I talked my friend into taking me back to home before going to buy our project stuff ( I assumed that she had take me to my surprise b’day after that) and my sweetheart came to my home for me to get ready! She kept saying that it was useless! :p but I knew it was not. After getting the project stuff we moved on to the street where Michigan is and I knew we were going to Michigan after all! :D They all had planned such a superb surprise birthday party  for me. Had such a great time! :) and came home loaded with goody bags full of yummy junky! 

I know that I knew about the advance surprise and it was a fail by that means BUT NO it wasn’t! I only knew that my birthday was going to be celebrated! I didn’t knew about the effort they had put into it, the place they chose for me, about the goodie bags, waiters wearing “HBD Momina” tags, the cute card one of my friend had made for me overnight, the delicious cake. All Of It Was A Surprise! an absolutely amazing one.. 

Friday night when the clock struck 00:00 I started receiving birthday wishes, my sisters kept coming in my room with balloons and presents! ☺ At that point I don’t understand how to tackle all of the people at once.. :P not complaining but getting calls all at once, reading one message after another and replying everyone so they don’t feel ignored. But I am very thankful to all of them, each and every wish means a lot to me! :)

Being surprised with a birthday card and cake from my Bestest Friend was the best part of my birthday! ☺ The cake itself was not the one he ordered but it was yummy!

The day was not full of cakes, presents and decorated rooms but it was still the best day! With blessings from my loving parents, love from my siblings ( ignore my brother here, he cheated -.- ) wishes from friends and a lot of burden from University lol! :P

PicMonkey Collage

I’ll always remember my 20th and be thankful to the people who made it amazing!  Thank you for taking out your time to read this. As always I’ll ask you to leave your feedback cuz I love reading your feedback! :) xx





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