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Sweet Touch Lash Boost Mascara Review

Hello lovelies. How have you been doing? I am back as promised. Finally I am done with my exams Alhamdulilah! and I am happy that I have finally completed two years of my Bio Medical Engineering, and ofcourse waiting to get through these two more years with flying colors! :)  I am here with a review today! A review that has been on hold for quite long now. :P So, I’ll be talking about an eye product again. I realize I have been mostly talking about eye products but those are the most important to me, maybe. I know I am being quite chatty today but really, I’ve missed so much writing for you guys that I can’t hold my excitement to get back here! Let’s get to the point, I will be sharing my views on Sweet Touch Lash Boost Mascara. Hope you guys will enjoy it! xx

Sweet Touch Lash Boost Mascara

Product Packaging
So starting with how it looks like, the packaging is nice or atleast I find it cute. It comes in a thick chubby tube with a twist it cap. The applicator wand has small brush like bristles which makes application for me easier, I actually like the wand however it’s a bit tricky to use it for the inner lashes but manageable with proper skill.

sweet touch lash boost mascara

Formula and Application
The consistency of the liquid is mild and the color intense black. It leaves your eyelashes looking very black. However, when applied it doesn’t dry up real quick, by quick I mean within 20 seconds, you have to wait longer than that due to which I don’t flutter my lashes or I have it traced nicely near my eyebrows. It lengthens and volumizes lashes quite nicely infact very nicely, they look longer and voluminous. It holds the curl nicely and I love it for this. Two coats are good enough though you have to be careful when applying the second coat as it starts clumping very easily. It does last longer but because it is not a waterproof formula you have it running down your eyes on the touch of water.

PicMonkey Collage
1. No mascara 2. With Sweet Touch lash boost mascara


It’s a really good mascara considering the quality and price tag but I would have loved a waterproof formula more as my eyes are very sensitive and tend to get watery easily and it would have been great if it dried up more quickly too because most of the time I am in a hurry to leave and I don’t want to face the hassle of cleaning any traced marks. It still was a good buy and I like it but do not love it. I am not sure if I’ll be buying it in future again but I’ll recommend it to all those who are looking for something that is easy for daily use, as many of the girls prefer the non waterproof formula for daily use because it’s easier to remove, also it’s very easy on your pockets AND is really a good quality product that stands by it’s claims.

Availability: Easily available on sweet touch counters nation wide for PKR 450. I bought mine from Imtiaz Supermarket.




I have been back after a while and would definitely want to hear back from you people. Have you tried this mascara, if yes what do you think about it? I love reading your feedback so feel free to comment below. Have a nice day! :) xx





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