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Happy New Year!! ❤

UntitledSo 2014 has ended already and everyone is welcoming 2015 with open heart, high hopes, new aims and goals. First of all, I had like to thank all the people who came across my blog and supported me. Thanks to my lovely followers and silent readers too, without you people this wouldn’t have even started. You guys are amazing, Love you! I hope you love me back too. ;) JK, I’ll try to be more active this year and post for you most often. :)

So for me my new year starts in November as in the resolution stuff, I have already mentioned about this in my November post but following the tradition I am posting about it today! This year was pretty challenging for me with all sorts of phases good and bad. Good and Bad moments are part of everyone’s life, but what is more important is to learn from the bad and share from the good.

Here’s a short list of the Best from 2014 for me. 

Best Moment: When I received a cake from my dearest friend on my Birthday. There wasn’t one but I had to consider this one the bestest. :)

Best Decision: Blogging! Ikr, I still think why didn’t I started earlier. :D

Best Book: I didn’t read many books last year but among the few I luckily read, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was the best.

Best Movie: A Bollywood Movie that was just recently released, PK by Amir Khan. It’s a comedy but the motive it held was so real. I might be talking about this movie in a future post. It’s definitely worth it.

Best/Most eaten Food: Pizzzzzzza ofcourse! :D and it would be California’s Creamy Tikka! ❤

Best/Most Favorite Buy: Let me think, umm there isn’t one actually but I had dedicate this one to Lolane Keratin Hair mask (which wasn’t bought by me actually) because it really made my frizzy looking hair look healthy, shiny and voluminous. Read review here.

Best/Most Amazing Feeling: You guys can actually feel this too! Winning the giveaways! 😂I didn’t ever thought that I will be lucky enough to win in these lucky draw things but who knew I will be some day! 😂

What I learned in 2014?

  • Fight every situation with courage and dont let your fears hide the beauty in you.
  • Trust yourself, and don’t let the negativity of someone else question your worth.
  • You are capable of everything but that demands will power.
  • Keep the needs of others ahead of you.
  • Smile often as it is the best thing a person can do. :)
  • Learn to forgive and forget, keeping things in heart can keep you behind and moving on is the key to a better life. Forgetting is something I am still trying to get use to, but I forgive easily.
  • Always have someone in your life to live for, that would keep you from taking stupid and wrong decisions. I have my parents to live for, they are the reason why I want to progress, the reason for me to stand up and face everything, the reason for me to smile and say I will and I know I can do it.
  • Stop cursing others and stop judging people.

There is a lot more to learn though, I aim to be a better human being every day.

This is a short sum up of my last year. Definitely looking forward to 2015 , May it turn out the best for everyone. Happy New year guys! Have an amazing year with lots of joys but don’t forget the deaprted ones, pray for them and their families. Stay safe. Have fun! Love you all! xx 😊


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