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I have always been very conscious about my hair like really very conscious. I used to have thick, very long and shiny hair but sadly they didn’t happen to last forever mostly because of my own lack of attention and care so yeah, The Blame is on meeeh! As soon as I was in my late teens the strain of hair fall devoured my healthy long hair. However I soon started to take care of them but they just don’t go back to the way they were and Hair Fall is my major issue. No matter what I use and how much I try to get it fixed it just keeps coming back. If you guys have any recommendations regarding hair fall I will love to hear. Here are some Hair Products that I have been using this year for quite a while and am satisfied with!

hair product favorites

1. Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement: This is a leave in conditioner that claims to combine the power of oil with Pro-v science to nourish damaged hair. I have used two of these, Milky Extra Treatment and Smooth & Silky. It has a sweet scent and comes in a squeeze tube. The consistency is fine like a normal conditioner. When I first used it ( Milky Extra treatment ) I didn’t find it very helpful but after using it two to three times I noticed a healthy lift in my hair. Not that it does any miracles but it’s fine considering that it does not leave your hair greasy, controls dryness to some extent, leaves your hair smooth. I haven’t used the anti-hair fall and will try it next. I got Smooth & Silky as a sample and like it more then Milky extra treatment as it leaves my hair smooth and silky.

How to use: Apply on wet hair from roots to length and no need to rinse.

Price: 199 PKR for 170ml.

2. L’Oreal Nutri-Gloss Conditioner: This conditioner claims to provide mirror shine, nourishes and smoothens hair. It has a sweet candy like fragrance that is not overwhelming and I like it. The consistency is fine. It definitely provides mirror shine, and leaves your hair smooth and silky. A small amount is enough to detangle your hair. I find my hair smooth and glossy after using it, it gives life to dull looking hair. Absolutely love it.

How to use: Take a small amount and apply it from your roots to length. Rinse thoroughly.

Price: 229 PKR for 175ml.

3. Lolane Keratin Hair Repair Mask: I use this hair mask instead of a conditioner and I absolutely love this one too. I have already talked about this product in a detailed review here.

4. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Push-Up Volume Hair Spray: I am not really into hair sprays but I like using this one whenever I need to set my hair or need a little lift. It does not provide any amazing volume but it sure does lift your hair with some volume. What I like about it is that it doesn’t make your hair feel extra crunchy, dirty and make it look greasy! It’s a good hair spray overall.

How to use: For Volume spray directly on your roots, for Styling spray on individual strands starting from the roots and for Finishing spray hair from 30cm away.

Price: I am afraid I don’t remember the price.

So these are the few products that I have enjoyed using last year. I realize they are mostly conditioners :D and there’s no shampoo, I am actually looking for a shampoo that might help cure my hair fall. I had love to hear any advice or suggestions. Please leave your feedback below. Have a nice day! :)xx



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