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The Body Shop | Chocomania Shower Cream

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream

I am not a person who loves moisturizer and slathering creams or lotions on my body. Honestly speaking I barely moisturize during hot weather and it’s only during winters that I look at myself and say, “Oh, I need to moisturize and keep myself hydrated!”. My already very oily skin looks really greasy and shiny after moisturizering and I really don’t like it that way, so I usually skip that step. But I also realize that it’s very important to moisturize your body and I have always been on a hunt for something that might satisfy me. Then one fine day I came across The Body Shop! You might already know how appalling their products are. I immediately made my mind to try few of their products. Luckily I got a chance to try out their Chocomania Shower Cream and I ADORE it! I have used many other shower gels but this one is the best! Lets get into what I think about it.

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower cream*

Chocomania Shower cream is a soap free cleanser and contains cocoa butter. It comes in a middle sized bottle with 250ml of product. The consistency of the product is mild and looks like chocolate syrup ( I am afraid I might drink it someday! :o ). The scent is chocholateyyy and a bit overpowering but it makes you feel so fresh! I love the scent so much that I find myself sniffing my arms *weird I know* XD. The cleanser itself is quite refreshing and leaves your body so soft and smooth. That’s what I want! to feel moisturized without using a moisturizer! :D But hey that does not mean I don’t have to use a moisturizer in winters, I have to but after a few hours and only if the weather is too dry. I am looking forward to use their Chocomania body butter.

Availability: Available on The Body Shop outlets.

What are your favorites from Body shop? And do we share the *no moisturizers* feeling? :P  Comment below and let me know what you think. Adios! :) xx

My Rating

4.5-stars (3)


I won this product in a giveaway.*

6 thoughts on “The Body Shop | Chocomania Shower Cream

  1. I love The Body Shop products, they are all so amazing :) I especially love their body butters during the Winter season, they smell divine and keep me so moisturized. I never tried this shower cream before but I will definitively have a look next time I go shopping, thanks to your review <3

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