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Tag Post | Makeup Addiction Tag

Makeup Addiction Tag

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are doing great. :) Recently I was tagged in a tag post by Huda from The Lipstickholic. I was supposed to answer some questions related to my makeup addiction as the tag itself says but before that I must tell you that I have been a makeup addict for a while now but I am still on the base and have yet to discover alot of new stuff and brands which I intend to do this year! I hope you guys will enjoy reading this post just as much as I enjoyed answering. :) Don’t forget to pay a visit to The Lipstickholic, she has some amazing posts you guys would want to check out! xx

1. What product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

There’s nothing that I have plenty of in my collection but yes I like collecting blushes and lipsticks. As a newbie on lipsticks I just feel more excited to get them and always have lipsticks on my list now. About the blushes, they have always been my favorite and I remember myself as a little girl using my mom’s blush to get dressed as a bride, nothing seemed more important than a blush and lipstick back at that time. :D

2. What is the one product you can’t live without?

BB cream. I like to wear something light on a regular day and BB would be my first option. It does not really hide any marks but it does even out my skin tone so I never miss wearing BB for daily premises before heading out.

3. What is your favorite makeup brand?

This one’s a bit difficult as I still have to try some really nice brands out there but I’ll consider Makeup Revolution here as my current favorite because this brand is coming up with alot of amazing stuff and is so affordable. I still have other favorites but because I haven’t tried much of their products I can’t just judge them yet.

4. How big is your makeup collection?

Not much,  It’s not even near to huge! :D I have everything I need but certainly not a collection. When I want to get into variety I dig into my mom’s vanity and I keep going to swatch her lipsticks and comment “Why do you wear lipsticks with shimmer mom?” or “Would a brown shade suit me??” and other stuff like that. :P

*Secret Goal: Start collecting makeup* :D

5. How do you like to store your makeup products?

I like to keep it all neat and clean. I keep the stuff I use all the time on my dressing table and the rest in drawers. I keep them in drawers because I am not at home mostly and I’ve already had alot of my stuff missing before.

*I’ll get it arranged in my dreamy vanity look some other time, can’t afford loosing my precious stuff! >.<*

6. How many makeup items have you got in your handbag at the moment?

Honestly, I don’t carry any makeup in my handbag. And it’s just now that I have a lip balm in my handbag due to the dry weather! :D *weird weird I know* I am just getting started with this addiction so why complain? ;)

7. If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

There ain’t one. :P I would love to go through the stashes of Estée from Essie button  and Ayesha from Ayesha Talks Beauty. They are very talented when it comes to makeup. Currently I had like to go through their stashes.

8. How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use in it?

Usually no more than 10 minutes, because I don’t wear alot of makeup in my daily routine. It’s only on Wednesday and Friday when I use most *which is still not even close to most :D* of the makeup that would be a BB cream, mascara, eye liner(which I do skip at times depending on my mood), blusher and a lipstick whereas BB, mascara and lip balm is a must on daily basis.

9. Have you ever brought makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it?

Nope, I do buy nail paints knowing that I won’t be using them mostly but i just can’t help myself, they look so cute in those bottles! ^^


That’s all. Thanks Huda for tagging me. I really enjoyed doing this tag post! :) I am now tagging the following bloggers to do this tag, I’ll be waiting to read your answer! :) xx

Ayesha Irfan from Ayesha Talks Beauty.

Fatemah Sajwani from What Fatemah Says.

Saman Shafiq from The Makeup Pouch.

Sharon from Sharon Beauty Prime.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do leave your feedback and feel free to share your answers with me! :) Have a great day. Adios! xx





7 thoughts on “Tag Post | Makeup Addiction Tag

  1. Thanks for the lovely intro….Makeup Revolution is my current fav drugstore brand too :D and yes I share ur secret goal too “Start collecting amazing makeup” (y) I really enjoyed reading ur answers.. :)

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