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Luscious Curl Addict Mascara |Review


Hello lovelies, I am back with a post on one of my current favorite mascara. I have a thing for eyes I guess and especially eye lashes that is why I keep reviewing mascara. I hope you don’t get bored of me talking mostly about mascaras n_n *i am sorry if you do*. So here I am with a review on Luscious Curl Addict Mascara  today. Luscious is a well known brand that comes with good quality and affordable products. I bought this mascara 2 to 3 months back and I totally love it so thought of sharing it with you. :)

Packaging and Make:  It comes in a box with a very pretty illustration on it which is just adorable. I so so Love the packaging, it really is so cute. The tube is cylindrical and long, can be stored easily in your makeup pouch without occupying much space. The wand is designed in a shape which is similar to double helix DNA structure, with small bristles.



What The Brand Says: Designed to dramatically curl and define eyelashes with a quick-drying waterproof formula, keep them supple with conditioning ingredients and strong with keratin. The curling brush features luscious curves to wrap around each lash (including lower lashes!) for the ultimate VIP treatment. Waterproof. Smudge-proof.

My Thoughts: The consistency of the product is pretty good, not to runny not to thick and the shade is Carbon Black which is like a very dark black and I really like the color. The formula is amazing, it dries up real quick and I don’t have to go through the pain of waiting which is another reason I love it for because I am always in a rush *bad bad habit I know* and I don’t like to wait as I am usually late *oh I just made a rhyme :P*. It is waterproof which is a win win for me as I already said my eyes are very sensitive and I cannot apply any eye makeup without letting out some tears, I didn’t find any smearing or flaking which makes it even better. The most interesting part of this mascara is the wand which is designed in a curvy structure (double helix like) such that it covers every single lash in a single swipe and gives them a coyly curled look. As far as I see, the wand plays the most important role to give that dramatically curled, long and defined lashes. And did I mention it is great for the lower lashes! it is so good on the tiny lower lashes, it could really make them look prominent without any clumps. However, the wand fails to cover my inner corner lashes but that’s not a big problem for me. I love how it holds the curl for so long, I even once wore it overnight and woke up in morning to find it still as it was before. One swipe is good to go, but girls like me who like to go for 2 to 3 coats should be careful and fast as it starts to clump. I do not dislike the clumping part, I actually like it but to avoid any clumps just be quick with the swipes.

Luscious Curl Addict Mascara Swatch(Sorry about the swatch, these pictures were taken on phone therefore it does not really justify the original results of mascara)

Overall, I will say that I love this mascara for my everyday wear, it makes my lashes look nicely curled and defined which makes my eyes look bigger too. It really does what it claims in my opinion. I do not head out of my house without it on now. ^^


Availability: Easily available on Luscious counters in leading stores. You can also buy it online from their website here or at

Price: 950 PKR for 8ml.

I hope I didn’t bored you guys. :D So have you used this mascara? If yes I would love to know what you think of it. Have a great day sweeties. Adios! xx



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18 thoughts on “Luscious Curl Addict Mascara |Review

  1. This mascara looks so good :) but hate that fact that it clumps easily :) Am not a fan of those clumping mascara but this one seems good to me :) need to try it out and i love your detailed review :)

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