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Weekly Diary | Tardy Vacations



Hello sweeties, I told you  people that I’ll be pausing this segment for a while due to my academics and after my papers I didn’t had much to talk about so I postponed my weekly diary to this week. From today I’ll be continuing with my weekly posts! :)

So let’s get to what I did this week, although the Title itself speaks alot but I’ll still share the lazy details ;) I haven’t been writing the detailed descriptions before but I feel very talkative today so I’ll give it a go. ;) I hope you enjoy reading it!

5th January, 2015 | Monday: Monday is always get up and get done with your work sort of day, but I am on my vacations so it wasn’t a busy day for me until my mom came and woke me up, verbally telling me a long list of chores *tried to memorize all but remembered only few* that had to be done before she was back to home. So you see I had to leave my dear blankie and get up to save myself from trouble. Since I was up and didn’t had much to do later *after everything was done*, I thought of pampering myself a bit so I made a homemade pore cleansing mask and applied it on my pores looking like a witch lol. While waiting for it to dry I navigated through different blogs and discovered some really nice blogs too. The rest of my day was spent doing the same thing, Read Blogs. Comment. Read Blogs. Comment. until my mom came and decided to scold me for ruining my eyesight.

6th January, 2015 | Tuesday: We had a friends Belated Surprise Birthday Party Celebration which was at a No No! Yes Yes! situation due to a number of reasons. We weren’t really sure if it would be a success till we finally reached the venue and the birthday boy appeared there shortly. The surprise was sort of a fail because he saw us with balloons and stuff few minutes before but the party turned out to be great though our friend Jadirah was really missed as she was out of town and couldn’t come. Btw the venue was California Pizza again! :D Majority in our friend circle loves pizza and California’s Creamy Tikka is our all time favorite! Do you like it? ;)


7th January, 2015 | Wednesday: It was not a Good Day. Had to leave my house without breakfast *let alone breakfast not even a cup of tea* to go fill a form at university and not our campus, we had to go all the way to Clifton campus -.- you can imagine my frustration. And even after 4 hours of endurance we came back with nothing done. I had a bad headache after such a rough day and even though I avoid painkillers I took three of them but nothing worked for me. *When your luck denies to cooperate!* After spending two hours in a completely dark room with pin drop silence I started to feel better and uncertainly fresh. Hmmm, so what do you do when you feel fresh? Paint your nails, clean your room, try some new looks, arrange your clothes or read a book. No to books, I suffered a headache already and nail paints looked more appealing so I painted my nails black with silver glitter polished on top *Loving it :D* and then talked to my bestie for hours! n_n


8th January, 2015 | Thursday: Slept for hours. Woke up still tired. Slept again. Woke up, read more blog posts. It was really nice to talk to so many nice bloggers with their warm welcome and good wishes especially by Huda from The lipstickholic. Girl you made my day! ♥  The day was absolutely amazing, being acknowledged after putting in so much effort is the best feeling. ^^ Best day of the week so far! :)

9th January, 2015 | Friday: Friday is mostly busy, with so much stuff to get done. So mine was busy too. After getting cozy in my comforter I checked my phone with a message saying congratulations winners. I didn’t jumped to assumptions until I saw the results of a giveaway. Yay I won my third giveaway at “What Fatemah Says“. Not so bad, infact not bad at all, I sure have some good luck! :D In the end I was only thankful to Allah for his countless blessings. At some point I found myself listing my priorities and they were incomplete without my blog and my bestest friend. Friday is always a good day. :) And Btw you can visit Fatemah Sajwani’s Blog here.


10th January, 2015 | Saturday: I spent my day taking pictures, writing posts and playing with my dear little pup. He’s such a brat and does mischievous stuff to seek our attention. Whatever! I love him so does he! :D


How did your week go and what did you do? I hope you guys had a good week. Share your good memories with me! Keep Smiling and Stay Blessed. Lots of Love. Adios! :) xx



14 thoughts on “Weekly Diary | Tardy Vacations

  1. This is such an interesting segment… A very great idea once again. And awww thanks for ur kind words… You n ur work deserve the praise. Glad to know your week ended well…I really enjoyed reading this post. Wish u a great week ahead :-)

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  2. For the first time I enjoyed reading your post :) This is not really that descriptive or maybe I enjoyed reading it that’s why wanted to read more :P Oh my lovely pup :)

    Liked by 1 person


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