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DIY | Dotted Nail Art Tutorial

Dotted nail art tutorial

Hello lovelies, sorry I have been lacking behind a bit and I hope you guys are doing well. :) Since I started my blog I wasn’t able to post a nail art tutorial although I had to but due to some reason I always postponed it. Yesterday when I tried an easy and quick nail art, I thought of sharing it with you guys. It’s a very easy and quick one and does not require any artistic skills therefore is a good start for beginners. Let’s get into it!

What You Need

Two nail paints preferably light and dark.

Stick pin (round ball pin)

Paint brush/Toothpick/Useless eyeliner pen

How To Do It






step 5

So this is an easy peasy dotted nail art tutorial, you can create different looks using the same technique. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Do leave a comment and tag me if you try it out! Have a great day. Lots of Love, Ciao! :) xx



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