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Garnier Pure Active BB Cream | Review

Garnier Pure Active BB

You might already know my obsession with BB creams. I am not an all-time foundation person and I always choose a BB over foundation for daily wear so when my mum brought me this BB I was happy but kind of skeptical too because I had read reviews that Garnier’s BB creams looked very ghostly/ashy on darker skin tones but ofcourse I had to give it a go. Scroll down and read whether I was right about my doubts or not. :)


Garnier Pure Active BB Cream

Garnier Pure active BB


Product Packaging: 

It comes in a small sized squeeze tube with 50ml of product. The tube looks more like a hand cream but it’s fine. It has a click-it cap which is tight but gets a little messy as it picks up a tiny amount every time you use it.


Product Claims:

5-in-1 Moisturizer Anti -Imperfections

1. Hydrates 2. Evens tone 3. Mattefies 4. Covers imperfections 5. Anti Spots and Blackheads

Pure Active BB cream for skin tones prone to imperfections, has a high performing formula combining 2% Salicyclic Acid with the concealing power of mineral pigments to instantly beautify your skin tone and help reduce the appearance of imperfections. No greasy finish, absorbs quickly. Its SPF15 filter helps protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

My Thoughts and Experience: 

  • The consistency of the cream is not mild but not too thick as well and can be easily applied. The shade range is so not satisfactory as it only comes in two shades Medium and Light, I have the medium shade which I assumed as a dark shade on first sight however, it’s not as dark as it looked once applied and I thought it was lighter on my face but once blended it slightly adapted to my skin tone. You can layer it for more coverage but I do not because the shade of my face and neck clearly varies after layering which is a minus point here.

  • It gives your skin a dewy look which settles down in a while and leaves a subtle glow which I like. The finish is matte, not drying at all and leaves my skin quite smooth and hydrated. Although it’s not greasy but I noticed my T-Zone starting to shine after 2 to 3 hours so people with oily skin might need a powder touch up after 2 to 3 hours and btw this cream is for combination skin but I don’t mind using it.

  • The coverage is good, reduces redness and imperfections, evens out skin tone but does not cover any major scars though they look minimized, so I will say it gives a medium coverage. Overall, I will consider it okay because I don’t go for full coverage in my daily routine.

  • It did not break me out and worked fine for me. It’s a Non-Comedogenic cream and does not clog pores, contains salicylic acid that helps reduce acne, spots and blackheads but I did not observe any miraculous reduction in my blackheads or spots, it does hide them when applied but I cannot say if it treats them yet as I’ve not noticed a considerable difference up till now.

Swatch on wrist
BB under my wrist: Left to Right: Blob, Spreaded & Blended

So let’s see if the claims were true:

1. Hydrates: Yes it does.

2. Evens tone: Almost.

3. Mattifies: Yes.

4. Covers imperfections: To some extent, yes.

5. Anti Spots and Blackheads: No, I did not notice any difference yet.

Swatch on face. @MominaHaseeb
BB on my face. Left: Bare face. Right: BB cream applied.


Overall, I like to use this BB cream for my daily routine as it moisturizes and hydrates my skin quite nicely and also has an SPF 15. It does a fine job for me, and I like it more than my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (review here). I just wish they could come up with a better shade range.

Application: Apply it on your clean face just as you would apply a moisturizer. I use my fingers for application, you may use whatever suits you better.

Price & Quantity: 50ml for 599 PKR

Availability: Easily available on supermarkets. You can also buy it online from Just4girls.




Are you a fan of BB creams? What is your favorite BB? I love reading your feedback so do drop a comment. Lots of Love and Good Luck! Adios :) x





20 thoughts on “Garnier Pure Active BB Cream | Review

  1. Garnier BB cream is one of my fav cream but i havent tried this new one and i love love your detailed and informative review and i agree with u that garnier should have more shades.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tried the other versions of Garnier BB creams but what I know is that their pure active range is for skin prone to acne, dark spots and blemishes, etc and this range is formulated to treat these problems.



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