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Weekly Diary | Moody Days

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Hello Lovelies, I hope you had a great weekend. I have been busy and moody this week but I still have stuff to share. :) So let’s get straight into what I did this week. Scroll down and keep reading. :)

19th January, 2015 | Monday: I have been complaining about hair volume for ages and my dear mom kept listening to my endless whines patiently and all I had get in return was a lecture about my own carelessness. On Monday, I had no idea that I was going to be pampered and although my mom is never in favor of cutting my hair short she herself let me get a short volume cut and seriously I have been loving my hair since then, all bouncy and full of volume. All my family members actually complimented me including my brother who never leaves a chance of annoying me with snide comments. :D Monday was the best day, Thanks to mommy dearest! <3 ‘speaking in my head: Mom can I have ombré or pastel highlights pleaseeeee?’ :D 

Momina Haseeb

20th January, 2015 | Tuesday: Umm, Tuesday was a busy day. I had to complete a post I was delaying from quite a long time, helped mommy in chores, packing and stuff. There was too much to do that I kept juggling in between. And with so much left on the other day, my day was over. Take a peek at my wishlist here. ;) wishlist

21st January, 2015 | Wednesday: I am not a kitchen fanatic but when you are the elder daughter everybody at your home looks at you with that look *you are old enough to know how to cook dear daughter :3* and well that’s the end of the story because you have to go in the kitchen and COOK. It’s not like I don’t cook or don’t like to cook, I do and I am quite good at cooking some dishes but I am very moody and when I am not in a mood to do anything that means you are not going to eat anything tasty which leads to a lecture from my mom. Thankfully *in past* my mom never used the typical Desi Statement “Sasuraal ja k naak kataogi?” before, but she has been using it more often now, and that’s not a good sign. :3


22nd January, 2015 | Thursday: Spent most of my day in my room. I was feeling very low, the gloomy cloud over me. I get annoyed by my mood swings too though I still managed to write my answers for an interview post. You’ll soon be seeing them on ‘What Fatemah Says’.

23th January, 2015 | Friday: Said Good Bye to my Mommy dearest. <3 Spent the rest of my day taking and editing pictures for post keeping myself busy and distracted.

24th January, 2015 | Saturday: Woke up to realize it was almost half past noon. It’s not easy to get use to of your home without the sight of your mom even if it is for few days. :s Posted my review on Garnier Pure Active BB cream, if you haven’t already read it, do check it out here.

Garnier BB

So that’s all about this week, how did your week go guys? :) Do share it with me. I hope you had fun and will have fun in future.

Lovelies, I have decided to do a giveaway on my Facebook page once I hit 300 likes so show some love and support by liking my Facebook Page. Keep me in your prayers. Lots of Love & Good Luck! :) xx



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