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Guilty Pleasure ❤


Greetings my stunning readers! :)  How have you all been? I am sorry for being a no-show the other week. I am busy with my university and family affairs therefore it has been a bit difficult to manage things together for a while but I hope you guys will understand. :)

This post is nothing about makeup or beauty. Every one of us has our favorites and things that give us some sort of pleasure. I have one too, one favorite that could change my mood and bring a big grin on my face within seconds. *Sounds cheesy? Well cheese plays a big part here so we’ll let it be! ;)* I am talking about my guilty pleasure here, apart from being a makeup junkie I am totally in love with pizza and it is my most favorite food. I can eat pizza all day, all night, all the time without complaining.


Last year, I was introduced to ‘California Pizza’ by a friend and I was hooked. I have tried their 3 to 4 flavors but I love to eat ‘creamy tikka’ the most though I love spicy food and creamy tikka is not very spicy but the way all that creamy cheesy bite melts in my mouth is ahh-mazing! *started drooling already* I have other favorites but I am just so obsessed to Cali’s Creamy Tikka that when the urge to eat pizza is too strong I instantly decide to eat this particular flavor. Even when we friends are celebrating a birthday or a treat or just a regular day our choice ends up on pizza! :D I have lost count of the amount of pizza I have eaten last year which was definitely way more than I should have but who has control over happiness? n_n

Pizza alone is my Guilty Pleasure! Even though I know it’s not always a good option for me and as the saying goes ‘Variety is the spice of life’ for me, ‘Pizza is my only category of food’. :D

What are your Guilty Pleasures? I’ll be waiting to read your answers, good luck and take care everyone. Adios! xx

Momina Haseeb xx


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