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Weekly Diary | Back To University Life!

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Greetings lovelies! How have you all been? I hope you guys are having fun and enjoying your time to the fullest. I have to be quick today so let’s get directly into the highlights of my week :)

2nd February, 2015 | Monday: Waking up at 7:30 in morning seemed very painful therefore I kept delaying my alarm until it was 8:10 and I rushed out of my bed to get ready for university. Once in University the torment of enduring my least favorite teachers began! I always thought I was a ‘Computer Chic’ considering my interest in every thing related to it but for the first time in my life I was annoyed, really very annoyed. -.- Definitely not happy with my studies lol.

3rd February 2015 | Tuesday: I had the opportunity to sleep a little more than 10 ‘o’ clock so I felt more fresh but when you have a Sir with an ‘Xy’ chromosome that speaks with a funny British accent and moves too fast that you have to tell him to move back to previous slide every 20 seconds! you won’t be fresh anymore. :s Wondering if I have a single teacher who I don’t have a problem with… *pause* actually I do! two of all are really nice and cooperative. Thank God! :)

4th February, 2015 | Wednesday: Waking up at 9:00 for a single class because the other got cancelled is not very enchanting but I had already missed out alot of work before so I had to ditch my bed and go to uni. :( Once back to home, I had time to spend my hours on my blog which made me really happy. ^^

5th February, 2015 | Thursday: We officially have our Thursday off because we have no classes but it was also Kashmir Day hence, again the holiday fitted in on Thursday and we had no extra holiday *sigh*. Thursday went on smoothly as I slept longer and woke up around noon and the rest of my day was already reserved for family stuff.

6th February, 2015 | Friday: Friday was one long tiring day but not completely boring. The least I wanted to do was learn about infrared temperature sensors and their annoying details that drive me crazy but that is how my classes ended and I literally thanked God when the lab ended. Once home I slept for a while to make my sickening headache go away and I was fully charged when the clock struck 00:00. My sleeping routine is quite disturbed and I am not getting the right amount of sleep which is leading to dark eye circles. Cheers to me! Stepped back in my university life. -.-

7th February, 2015 | Saturday: I love getting up late but somehow woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep so I went into kitchen and made myself some breakfast. Who likes french toast? I certainly do, and treating myself with something sweet on a lovely morning is happiness! :D So after getting done some work and other stuff I had some time to swatch some lipsticks and work on their details. I have been missing my blog quite alot now but I am so busy that it’s hard to cope up. I am trying to improve on that though and hopefully I’ll get things together soon. My night ended with a book in my hand and finally something good to read *not sure*. :D

That’s all about my week! guys I think I won’t be posting weekly diray every week because it’s being difficult to manage it all with my university and family together although I won’t totally abandon it and you’ll be able to see these posts whenever I can do it. Apologies for that! Do let me know how your week went.

Lots of love and good luck! Adios :) xx

Momina Haseeb xx



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