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OOTD and DIY Featuring Valentine’s Day! ❤

OOTD feat. Valentine's day

 Hello Beauties! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us enjoy celebrating it as a fun filled occasion. I have been pretty excited about it too and have given thought to a few things I will be doing for my friends and family. What about you? If you haven’t yet thought of any thing I have got you covered!

Like many other people I prefer making my own cards for my loved ones to make them feel special. My first handmade card was for my granny when I was 8 or 9 years old that said ‘Bestest Grandmother’, I myself didn’t remember about it until I found it safely kept in one of her note books when I was in 12th grade. I was in complete awe and that was the moment I realized how special these little things mean to our loved ones. So I am sharing with you some easy DIY cards that I found on Google and Pinterest, you can grab some hint and design your own cards. :)



 Other than cards chocolates are a great way to share love and joy so don’t forget sharing something sweet with your loved ones and making your day special! :)

When it comes to occasions everyone seems to be enjoying and do their best to look good. Btw if you look good you’ll feel good too so that’s a good habit!  And honestly who does not like dressing up for Valentine’s Day? I do and I didn’t think I’ll be going out on 14th February so I decided to dress up earlier because the excitement for the day was overwhelming and I thought why not earlier? ;) I put together a casual outfit with a winged eyeliner and bold lips! Here’s what I wore and the look I created.




I had love to see what you guys have planned and how you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day so do leave a comment. Have a great day. Lots of Love. Adios! ❤

Momina Haseeb xx


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