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Mini Makeup Revolution Haul


Greetings my stunning readers! ^^ I haven’t done a haul post yet so this post is dedicated to a mini online haul. Everybody out there knows about Makeup Revolution. This brand has won many hearts with their very affordable and quality products in a very short time therefore I wanted to dive in their bliss too so not wasting any more time I ordered some of their stuff online.  Take a peek at what I bought!

1. Makeup Revolution Matte Foundation – Natural Beige: I read a review of this foundation on Dudette’s Talk and I really liked it from what I read so I had to give it a try.

Price: 25 ml for 350 PKR.

2. Makeup Revolution Matte Effect Concealer – MC 06 Medium: I don’t use a concealer daily but I think I’ll be needing to use it more often now and it seemed so affordable for daily use and this too was recommended by Duddette’s Talk so I added it in my cart.

Price: 225 PKR.

3. Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer – Heart: I have been wanting to try vivid lacquer since I saw it the first time. I saw the swatches of the shades available and Heart seemed to be the most flaterring for my skin tone. Lets see if I would love it or not.

Price: 600 PKR.

4. Makeup Revolution Powder Blush – Love: I have read good things about these blushes but the shades that I really wanted were out of stock so I had to pick from ‘Love’ and ‘Now’. I now think that now looks better than love but at that moment I thought the opposite. Anyway I have a feeling that I’ll be wearing it often. Lets see!

Price: 3.4 g for 225 PKR.

5. Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – Treat: Makeup haul without a lip product? Nope, not possible! No matter how badly I have been drooling over bold shades I wanted something neutral and light but something that would compliment my skin tone. I somehow landed on the swatches of treat and added it to my cart. I am not sure if this is my perfect shade but I am hoping it to be.

Price: 225 PKR.

Availability: I ordered all these items online from Just4girls.pk.

That’s all I got this time and for some reason I have high hopes from all of them. What have you bought lately? Have you used any of this stuff, how was your experience?

Lots of love and good luck, adios! xx


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32 thoughts on “Mini Makeup Revolution Haul

  1. I haven’t bought any of these items you’ve mentioned above. But lately i bought Makeup Revolution ultra 32 Flawless eyeshadow palette and their blushing heart in Candy queen of heart and I’m pleased with the stuff.


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