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Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer | Review & Swatch

Catrice Nail Laquer C04 - Dance in Gion

Hey dolls! How are you all doing? I hope life is treating you all with it’s blessings and the positive energies are surrounding you all. :) This is a talkative, short review sort of post! Since it’s Sunday today, I thought of showing you the nail lacquer on my nails and just then the idea of reviewing it along with the talkative session crossed my mind. So here I am writing a review on the nail paint I am wearing right now. :)

Catrice C04 - Dance in Gion

Wearing Carice C04 – Dance in Gion currently.

Honestly, reviewing a nail polish seemed an absurd idea to me before for no particular reason, but now that I started using nail paints from different brands I understand the need of reviewing this stuff. I have a versatile taste when it comes to colors, I love bold colors one moment and would easily praise the beauty of light and nude shades the next moment but when it comes to applying a nail paint, I am obsessed to black or a deep blue. And again today, I am wearing a dark color from Catrice called ‘Dance in Gion’ which I recently got as a gift. Let’s get into the review now.



PicMonkey Collage

It comes in a wide cylindrical bottle that looks pretty with floral pattern engraved on it’s black cap. The applicator brush is flat and fluffy that makes it easier to cover my nail in a single stroke. It does not occupy much space and would easily fit in a corner of your travel bag.



‘Dance in Gion’ is a pretty indigo/dark purplish blue color with a glossy finish that came out in the ‘Neo Giesha’ limited edition. The finish is not very pigmented so requires more than one coat for complete opacity. The formulation is good though I find it a bit runny and idk if I like that or not, *can’t make up my mind about that* I think that’s okay to me. It stayed for about 3 to 4 days without chipping on me and that without a top coat.

Overall, I like the formulation and love the shade, it looks very pretty. Frankly speaking I sometimes avoid some bold or light shades just because they make my fingers look ugly and initially when I saw this nail lacquer in bottle I was in doubt, but it looks absolutely gorgeous and would compliment various skin tones and is definitely recommended for people who love dark and deep blues/purples.

Quantity and Price: 10 ml/ 0.33 fl.oz. for 580 PKR.

Availability: I was unable to find it online but my friends got it from Scentsation, Dollmen mall.


My Rating



That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do share with me your favorite nail colors and their brands! Lots of love and good luck. Goodbye! :) xx


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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14 thoughts on “Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer | Review & Swatch

  1. Good review. I don’t have even 1% interest in nail polishes but I enjoyed this post and the color is really pretty and also I’m an avid nail eater, another reason for not liking nail polishes. Don’t forget to stop by my blog. Thanks:)

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