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Color Studio Pro Graphique Eyeliner | Review & Swatch

Graphique pro

The first makeup product I own from this brand is an eye liner which I had certainly no intention to get but it somehow made it to my stash. Back in August/September, 2014 my sister promised to get me a gel eyeliner and fulfilled her promise by getting me one but sadly it didn’t work out and she wasted her money being fooled by someone because she has zero knowledge about makeup and I felt extremely bad for getting her into this mess. However, she brought me this eyeliner later to keep up her promise. I didn’t used it for a good few weeks till I finally found it lying abandoned in my drawer and since then I have been playing with this eyeliner trying to be a pro at liquid liners. Scroll down to see if it was in anyway helpful to me! :)

PicMonkey Collagewer

” For that chic or dramatic eyeliner look that lasts all day without smudging or budging. Color Studio Professional Graphique 100% Waterproof Eye liner is an ultra-precise brush tip applicator that allows you to create well-defined eyeliner. “

Packaging: It comes in a small tube like bottle with a thin brush that has a fine tip. The applicator has a fine elongated (brush like) stick which gives a good grip and makes it easier to use. The name of shade and brand is printed on the bottle in white text which can easily fade. The product doesn’t come in a box or plastic seal which is not appealing at all and I am sure many of you might also agree to this. It’s easy to carry and could fit in your travel bag without occupying much space.


My Experience: Here’s what I think of this product! Lets see if it has impressed me or not. The swatch below depicts the thickest and thinnest line that can be drawn. It would draw way thinner line when it was new but as time passed the brush became less precise. 


  • It comes in two shades Jet black and  Pearl black. I have got the shade Jet black which is just what the name suggests a true black. I neither like extreme black liners nor the dusky black ones, this one is a 50/50 for me although it sometimes depends on the way I am wearing it. Our eye shapes also play a very important role when it comes to eye liner applications and Idk but a thin liner on my eyes never looks flattering especially if it is so black and with this eyeliner I have to go for the dramatic look. *weird I know*

  • The consistency of this liner is runny and a tiny bit troublesome to handle all at once. It takes about 20 – 30 seconds to dry completely so if you’re doing a dramatic or thick winged liner you have to be patient for it to dry at the corners before filling in or pointing out the edges.

  • The output is a fine matte finish though while applying it looks very shiny, once it dries out the look is definitely not the shiny plastic like.

  • It claims to be 100% waterproof but it’s not completely waterproof and lightens up at the touch of water and would even smear if you accidentally wash your face. In the picture, it stays intact even under continuous water flow but it lightens up on eyes and would start to smear in a while without any rubbing. Maybe it’s because my eyelids tend to get very oily.

WP test

  • No makeup remover or a cleanser is required to remove it and it would easily come off if you wash your face with water alone. It also comes off easily with rubbing so you may want to keep your hands away from your eyes if you wish your wings to last longer.

rubbing test

  • Liquid liners tend to get a bit crispy/plastic like or whatever you may call that feeling and that feeling is the one that makes me despise liquid liners. CSP Graphique liner did not turned out to be like that until I went overboard on applying a thick line and also when the brush strokes overlapped the already dried line. I tried not to apply over the already dried liner next time I used it but the plastic feel was still there.

To sum it up, it’s a fine eyeliner but I wont be recommending it. If you’re looking for a liquid liner to practice with, this one’s a good option and very inexpensive too. I’ve actually practiced a lot with this eyeliner and the outcome was better every other day and now I am very steady at using a brush tip for liquid liner and that’s a plus point.


Price and Quantity: 400 PKR for 2.5ml/0.08 fl.oz. 

Availability: Can be bought from Color Studio Professional counters nationwide or ordered online on

My Rating


What’s your say about this product? I love reading your feedback so feel free to comment. Lots of love, Adios! :) xx


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