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Double Eyeliner Tutorial | EOTD

Double Eyeliner Turtorial

Greetings my beauties! I hope you are all doing great. :) I have been seeing double eyeliner look from quite a long time now and as much as it fascinated me I never dared to do it before. So when a few days back I tried to do it, I was actually impressed with the outcome and thought I had share it with you guys too. I have break it down in four steps that are very easy to follow and can be altered with personal preference. Start with it, shall we? ;)

Before starting, use a concealer and eyelid primer to set a base.

Step 1: I applied a black eyeliner to draw a winged line just as I regularly do.

Step 2: I chose a sky blue color for the other line, since I didn’t had a blue eyeliner or pencil I used an eyeshadow. Using a fine thin brush I carefully outlined the black liner with blue eyeshadow.

Step 1 and 2 of Double Eyeliner Turtorial

Step 3: To create a complete look I used the blue shadow to outline my waterline and smudged it a bit, highlighted the inner corner of my eye using white shimmer.

Step 4: I don’t get into the hassle of applying fake eyelashes so I simply used a mascara primer to lengthen my eyelashes and finished off with two coats of mascara.

Step 3 and 4 od Double Eyeliner Tutorial

TADAA! I was done. ;)

You can use any colors you like just be sure to use complimentary shades. I am loving the way it turned out and I am happy that I can now add some eye shadow to my casual makeup routine! Jk ;) So dearies, this was my first EOTD on blog and I hope you guys liked it. If you did please do comment below. I love reading your feedback! :)

That’s it for today. Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx


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