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MUR Matte Effect Concealer | Review & Swatch


Wearing makeup daily is not my piece of cake for some obvious reasons but I have been facing some serious dark circles under my eyes and it started looking so bad that I had just go back to back with the treatments I used to recommend my sister but of course these wont go away miraculously and would definitely take a long time to recover.  So in the meanwhile, I wanted a concealer that was light enough for daily use, matte enough to keep my skin grease free and pocket friendly too therefore, I bought this concealer when I saw it recommended on the Dudettes Talk. I have been testing it for a few weeks now and have finally made up my mind. Let’s see if it was helpful or not. 


It comes in black lipstick like bullet and is shaped like a lipstick too. The name of shade is written over the sticker tag on lid as well as on the bottom over the sticker of actual shade which makes it easy to spot your respective shade. The tube is small enough to fit in a side pocket of your bag.

I ordered it online from and the shades available were MC 01-Fairest, MC 06-Medium and MC 12 – Darkest, I picked MC 06 which definitely turned out the wrong choice as it’s quite fair for my skin. Selecting your shade online is such a pain I tell you! Thankfully the shade suits my sisters skin tone so this won’t be going in complete waste also I’ll be revealing one more way that makes it useful for me! ;) *It is available in more than three shades.*

Talking about the formulation, it is very creamy but settles to matte finish just as it’s name says. Although I have a very oily skin, it didn’t get greasy on me and gave the flawless matte effect I want but the times I used it under my eyes it settled in the fine lines quite easily. It has an almost undetectable scent with the staying power upto 4-5 hours without any retouch or greasy look. Yayyyy!

The coverage is neither too good nor too bad, it gives medium coverage which is still quite decent considering the price tag and is okay for a person like me who does not go for full coverage for daily routine makeup. It brightens up the under eye area in a nice way and can be layered to built ‘near to full’ coverage.

*I tested the coverage on both, me and my sisters and since the shade suited them quite well the coverage was decent on them whereas, it covers mine to some extent but of course the shade alteration doesn’t give a good effect under my eyes.*


*The picture is not edited to show you how the actual color looks.*

Application: I have tried using it with a concealer brush, dry sponge and damp sponge. For me it worked best with the dry sponge. Price:  225 PKR. Availability: Available online on or in Pakistan or can be ordered directly from their official website.

MUR seems to surprise everybody with their good quality products and considering the price of this concealer I had say it is a decent product and I am satisfied with the quality. Since, the shade is too light for me and I can’t really grab it for covering my under eye circles I tried using it as a highlighter and it worked quite nicely in that case with the matte effect I want and nicely high-lightened features. I am thinking of using it that way, what do you think? ;)

I hope this was helpful for you guys! Tried this concealer yet? If yes, share your views with me. Lots of Love, Adios! xx


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16 thoughts on “MUR Matte Effect Concealer | Review & Swatch

  1. This seems like a nice concealer for the price. Too bad the color wasn’t the perfect match for you. But yes u can still use it as a highlighter or under-eye brightener thingy



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