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Basic/Daily Makeup Guide

Basic Makeup Guide

This post is specially dedicated to my no-makeup dolls. I have friends who do not wear makeup mostly and are curious about the how’s and what’s of makeup. I can relate to that situation as I myself went through it once and had no guide other than YouTube. So, I decided to do a small post on it, with the basic requirements of makeup and keeping it natural. Most of the girls can follow this easily unlike my no-makeup dolls, but don’t worry I have got you covered! ;) I would be really glad to have help any of you. Without further blabbing let’s move on to the steps. :)


BAsic Makeup

For Face

BB Cream: You need a base to start with your makeup and I suggest using a BB cream instead of foundation for that purpose. Just apply it all over your face for an even base using a brush or sponge, fingers might work too but make sure you don’t leave any fine lines. Choose your BB wisely according to your skin type and shade. I am using Garnier Pure Active BB cream (Review) currently. Most of the bloggers love Ponds BB cream and say good things about it, my sister is a no-makeup girl and she loves wearing it so I’ll definitely recommend it to you too.


Face Base

Concealer: If you have noticeable dark circles and redness, use a concealer on those areas. You don’t have to rub it over your skin, just pat it with your fingers, brush or a blending sponge. Using concealer is on your own preference, I do skip using concealer sometimes so if you don’t feel the need just skip. :)

Compact Powder (Optional): Use your compact powder to set your concealer. It also keeps your makeup stay a bit longer but if you don’t feel the need to use it you can skip.


For Cheeks


Blush: Follow with adding some color to your cheeks. Use shades that compliment your skin tone. Shades of light pink will give a natural look on fair skin likewise muted pink or warm orange-y shades would compliment medium skin.



For Eyes


Mascara/Kajal: Use a mascara to make your eyes look wide and awake. If you are not a mascara person and fancy kohls, then you can go for tightlining or just line your waterline with a smudge proof kajal. Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal has gained popularity for being smudge proof.



For Lips


Lipstick/Lipstain/Lipgloss: Top off your lips with your favorite lip product. Choose a shade that you like and that looks natural on you. :)


That’s it! You are done. :)

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. Your feedback makes me smile so don’t forget to share some smiles.  :)

Lots of love. Take care, Adios! x



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