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TBS Lip and Cheek Doll | Review & Swatch

body shop lip and cheek doll

If I have to pick one of the cutest thing I own I will pick this bottle with eyes closed. I love this little geisha doll so much, it has the cutest packaging that I didn’t want to use it in fear of ruining it. Although I knew it came in only one shade that I doubted would suit me I still had it on my wishlist and badly wanted to get it. So as soon as my cravings kicked in I made a plan to get this baby but sadly that failed. Later I went to The Body Shop Outlet and they didn’t knew anything about it which left me even more sad and I was left whining but really God has his own way of granting wishes and after some time my friends went off to get me a birthday gift and whoopee! they found it for me. This is how I finally got my wish granted! ^^ It’s good to make wishlists. :D I can still go on and on about how much I adore this cute little doll but I don’t want you to run away so I’ll move on to the review.

TBS Lip and Cheek Tint

TBS Doll Swatch

TBS Lip and Cheek Doll Wrist Swatch.

You now already now that it comes in small doll shaped bottle that is the size of my palm. It has a doe foot applicator resembling the applicators of lip glosses which picks enough amount once that there’s no need to do a double dip. The consistency of the tint is neither mild nor runny and it can be used easily without requiring much product. It has very tiny glitter particles which I didn’t noticed earlier and aren’t very visible on cheeks unless looked at very closely. The shade is a red which leans toward the warm side and gives my cheeks a very natural look. However it’s a bit tricky to use on lips and gives that sticky feeling for the first few seconds. It gives a nice tint on lips but the color looks really red on my lips and seeps in towards the inner center of my lips making it look like I ate ‘paan’ (betel leaf). It stays for good 4-5 hours and then lightens. There is a light scent which isn’t bothersome to me. *Mind it my smelling sense is quite weak LOL.*

TBS Swatch on Me

Me wearing TBS Lip and Cheek tint.

How to apply: I have acne problem and using the same applicator on lips and cheeks doesn’t appeal me so I use my fingers to apply on both. I dot it on my cheeks and then pat it for blending whereas I swipe a layer on my lips and let it dry.

Quantity & Price: 28ml for PKR 2300.

Availability: It was from their Christmas special limited edition so I doubt it would be available anywhere now.

My Rating



What do you think about this tint? Let me know in the comments below. :) Lots of love and good luck. Adios! xx



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27 thoughts on “TBS Lip and Cheek Doll | Review & Swatch

  1. Would you by any chance know of any dupes or similar stains available locally? I really want to get myself a cheeck stain and I really love the one in your review. xo N (GREAT REVIEW)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My apologies, I won’t be able to help you with dupes but I have seen swatches of TBS lip and cheek stain in ‘Rose pink’ which looks similar to this one. Thanks for reading! :) xx



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