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Scrumptious Rant | Weekly Diary

Weekly Diary

Hello dear ones!

I hope you all are doing great and having fun in your lives. I have been on a pretty hectic academic schedule and it has been long since I wrote a chatty post, so when I got my day off I knew I had to be here writing all about my long gone weeks. Though I have two sisters I am still not very verbal with them mostly because they always team up against me and won’t leave a single chance to annoy me. -.- So I’ll write it down all over here!

Highlight 1: Ever since I was done with my mid-terms, my friends and I had to team up for completing projects within the given deadlines. So I had to rush to my friend’s place for project work and even though we had to work alot those are the best times of this week, that said when friends are together things can never get boring! ^^ Spending 24’7 at Tia’s place and listening to Farru’s whining as soon as the clock struck 7 is definitely memorable. The best part was the food! XD I can literally go on and on about the Yakhni Pilaou Tia’s mom made! I still remember the deliciousness of each bite *nomnom* couldn’t stop craving it. We were too busy to snap a picture or I would have made you crave too! :D But don’t worry I have something else in line for you! ^^ Who likes Chicken Pie? Oh! you do, well I have got some here for you! :D  With the soldering iron turning hotter and our muscles denying to cooperate to work, there was only one thing to cheer us all ‘Chicken Pie’! I sound like such a hungry cat! LOL But really! every bite took me to heaven. n.n Though it’s not good to eat at late hours, makes you feel so drowsy. -.- There’s a lot more we ate but when you are too busy making projects who cares about taking pictures with a dead phone, right? :P I feel so lonely now, we have spent most of our earlier weeks together and sitting in my home now reminds me of all the fun we have had together.

Chicken Pie


P.S: Tia and Farru are the nicknames of Taliya and Fariyal, my foodies who blog about their food recipes at It’s all about being a foodie, make sure to check out their blog. :)

Highlight 2: Moving on to the second highlight, have you ever gone through the phase when you know how unjust a teacher is and they are too absorbed in their own self that they just won’t listen to you? Do you also feel like smacking them straight in face! I know I shouldn’t be that rude but the line has been drawn. I doubted earlier that I was the least favorite student on her radar but my doubts have now been proved right. I am so pissed about it, the only thing that puts me off is favoritism and stupidity. I don’t mind getting my numbers deducted if I have been too lazy to study for a test but if I am writing what is asked in the question, you have no effing right to deduct my marks! :@ And not even for one question, anyone repeating it thoroughly is insane. I wish we don’t have her as our teacher in the coming semesters or I might cross my boundaries. -.-

Just Saying: My makeup routine has been very quick and simple! Since I don’t have time in mornings and I get up late because of the numerous amount of sleep I have been getting it’s hard to put on any makeup! :D

Daily PerkWatching my baby dog dance in shower! n.n

I have been occupied with projects, assignments and food mostly though I am on a routine of testing new products and will be coming up with new reviews soon! :) That’s it for this week. There is a lot more to share but I wan’t you to stay on my blog lol so I’ll put a full stop here. :)


Do let me know about your week! Lots of love and good luck! Adios xx




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