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Most Grabbed Makeup Products

most grabbed makeup products (2)

Greetings beauties,

I know I know the title sounds different and unheard of but that is why it is here. Ever since I have been a part of beauty blogging I want to do something different and bring you some variety. With that thought in mind the idea of listing stuff that I mostly grab while getting ready came to my mind. This looks like a monthly favorite’s post but it’s not exactly the same, because the stuff that I use on a daily basis are not always my favorite but they are just there to work with because of their feasibility. So here are a few makeup products that I keep using mostly.

The first to Grab

Ponds BB Cream: I have just started using it recently and I am sold. This is the perfect BB cream and I have been reaching out for it all the time. No wonder people rave about it. ;)

Makeup Revolution Matte Effect Foundation: This foundation is always my pick for the matte finish I like. It’s not my personal favorite but I do like to use it if BB isn’t an option.

Read Review here: Makeup Revolution London Matte Effect Foundation Review & Swatch.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Doll: This little doll is my secret too naturally blushing cheeks. It gives that flush of natural color to your cheeks, I love to wear it when going for a more subtle and natural look. I have been hooked to this doll.

Read review here: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Doll Review & Swatch.

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush – Love: This muted pink is another one of my mostly grabbed blush. I love to wear this one with a winged eyeliner and bold lips.

Eye öf Hörus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil – Black: I got it just last month and since then I have been picking this up every time I feel like my eyes need some definition. :D

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – Treat: Though the formula of this lipstick is not very amazing, I couldn’t resist myself from wearing this beautiful coral pink that leans towards a warm shade and compliments my skin tone beautifully.

Revlon Lipstick – 005 Mauve: The sheer finish of this lipstick looks beautiful with the right makeup, although it’s not an everyday color for me I often pick it up with my blues and pinks.

Do let me know what you think about this post. Have a great day! Adios :) xx




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