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Life Update – Surrounded by Positivity


Greetings dearies!

I hope you all are doing great and having a blessed month. I am quite happy and motivated myself. There has been some disheartening stuff going on around me but I have actually learned something from the situation. I know what ever is or was going on was blown out of proportion but it gave me a very positive impact.

I used to think I was a strong headed girl and such minor things won’t affect me but I was wrong, probably because I never got into such a situation. Yes, I was hurt, mentally and emotionally but then I thought “Was it even worth it?” and ofcourse I knew the answer, “NO!”. A person should be polite, forgiving and kind hearted but they should not let someone get to their self respect, NEVER. And if someone tries to hurt my self respect over and over again, I am not taking it lightly, and as a result they are never hearing a word from me. I might not behave differently to keep it cool but honestly their existence does not exist to me. Period.

I have learned to be stronger and let go off such narrow minded games, they do not deserve a second thought from me and they are all just those obstacles in between a long wishful journey, your destiny. You never stand by those obstacles and whine; the key is to pass over them and never ever think of them again. Life is all about moving on, that’s what we all do, by choice or by force so I am now burying all my resentments and having my peace, that, by my choice. And I feel very lucky to have the courage to let it all go and be peaceful, Alhamdulilah! 

“The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.”.  

– Alyson Noel

To everyone out there, do whatever you think is right, if you are doing the right thing then no one can bring you down. Have patience, have faith, believe in yourself and the rest Allah will see. :)

Lots of Love & Good Luck!

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19 thoughts on “Life Update – Surrounded by Positivity

  1. So happy that you shared your personal experiences with us in such an inspiring way :) I have been through something similar but I wasn’t smart enough to hold on to my self respect. I have come a long way since then. May Allah Bless you always sweet girl :* -Sadaf

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    1. Thank you dear! :) You look very strong and a smart girl to me and I’m sure bad situations may have taught you the important lessons of life. Wish you all the happiness and good luck! :) xx


  2. Letting go is the best thing to do at times. Love the last para. I am learning to do the same, staying away from narrow minded games or unwanted drama. We all should focus on our own life n blessings :) You are one sweet soul. Stay blessed <3

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  3. Sweetheart, you’re only 20. There is yet, more to come. People you think were your friends will treat you like S. And unbelievably people you least expect from will become your life long friends. Expectations ruin everything, in all kinds of relationships. All the best!

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