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Lipstick? Lipstick.

lipstick love 2

I used to hate lipsticks in my early age, not because of the lipstick itself just because I didn’t like to slather any sort of color on my lips. I thought it made me look like a cheap doll! Yup, I just said it. :P And it was not only lipstick! I never wore lip glosses too, neither the pigmented one nor the transparent one. Vaseline or chapsticks would work for me or sometimes nothing at all.

But after I joined university and got into the makeup addiction scenario I had to go beyond my comfort zone. Although wearing lipsticks was a fearful try! I tried, to accept that different image of me in the mirror. And today I confess, that, I never wore lipstick outdoors, not until the second year of my university. I wasn’t confident, a bit too scared of how I would look but I got used-to of it, infact, hooked seems much more appropriate here. I didn’t own any of my own lipsticks then, therefore I would go and swatch my mom’s collection, even wear it at home all the time. Now, the addiction has gotten to the extent where I find my makeup absolutely incomplete without a lipstick. :D And I am sure you girls can relate to me on this. ;)

My shade picks are not restricted, I can get along with any color that seems attractive to me though I prefer matte finish much better than any other. I don’t really like buttery formulas, they tend to bleed a lot on me, also the ones I own would fade away in a few hours. :( But I have kept my last verdict on that sealed until I try more brands.

Oh and how did I not mention Lip Liners! Seriously, I found them to be PATHETIC! (in past) All my life, I have thought “Why do these aunties/women outline their lips? | Not even matching the liner shade to their lipstick shade. | Gosh! that looks so bad!” LOL :D It was only after I started blogging that I gathered the actual purpose of a lip liner and why it was necessary, also the proper way of using it! :P

I seemed to have changed my mind about a lot of things since I started blogging but one thing stays unchanged up till now, and that is my disliking for gloss. I do not like glossy lips. You might not have seen me wearing a glossy finish anywhere. However, I still believe that maybe someday I might start liking it. :P

Now you know what I think of lipsticks and it’s importance in my life. Currently I don’t own many shades but I seem to be drawn to lipsticks more often and I am pretty sure I’ll grow my collection by the end of this year.

These are some shades that I am always sporting indoors! JK :P


The swatches have been taken in flash light.


That’s all about my Lipstick Love. What are your preferences? Do we have anything in common? :) Feel free to share with me. I always appreciate your feedback. :)

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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31 thoughts on “Lipstick? Lipstick.

  1. Iam only 15 years old and am hooked on lipsticks.haha.I must say I am and was such an huge lipsticks fanatic till I was 5 years old,haha and I loved reading this post and I love your lipstick colour picks :) xoxo

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  2. I take after my father in the looks department so I always thought I looked like a “khusra” in lipsticks especially dark ones. Vampy lips are a new obsession and they do look good one me :P Teenage years were quite painful in terms of makeup because I was quite the tomboy even though I do love to try new things, makeup just seemed something I lacked the ability to grasp. Now, I think people don’t understand that anything you like and feel comfortable in will look great on you except if it is totally wrong for your skin tone. I love all colours except grey-biege lipsticks because I don’t think they will suit me but who knows I might like them :D -Sadaf

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  3. Woah who doesn’t love lipsticks. And me…yes am a true lipstickholic. Lovely swatches. I am loving the orange <3 I don’t wear nudes very often but love MLBB shades. I love pinks and corals <3 Currently am loving liquid lipsticks and am on my mission to collect more of those :D

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