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Sigma Affiliate

We all have our favorite brands right? Be it makeup, skin care or clothes. Then there are some brands that would attract you a little more than others. Sigma Beauty has been one of those brands for me. I have never before use their brushes but I have seen YouTuber’s and beauty bloggers rave about it quite often. Most of you are already aware that I am now an official affiliate of Sigma Beauty. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this post or not. But I wanted to share my excitement along with some facts with you all, therefore, I am giving it a go. 

When I started blogging I knew that Sigma Beauty offered an Affiliate Program and I had this goal on my list to be a part of this program. So, I applied for it back when even I knew that my blog wasn’t old enough and didn’t have enough stats to get accepted. They declined politely, I asked them “Why?” out of curiosity and they told me what they look for in a blog. Instead of being disheartened I chose to work on those glitches and make my blog better. Time passed and in May, during my exams when I noticed that I have made some progress in improving my content and stats I decided to apply again with fingers crossed. Two days later, I received their response and I was over the moon! :D I cannot express how happy I was when I got accepted. As soon as I was accepted, I got a mail from my account manager, who gave me all the guidance and sent me a lovely welcome gift. 

Here’s what I got in my welcome package!

Sigma Welcome gifts
Sigma Brushes: 3DHD Kabuki, 3DHD precision, E39, E55, E56.  Sigma Eye-shadow – Fawn, Sigma Lip Base – Go-Dutch and Sigma Lip Vex – Get ready.


I have craved 3DHD kabuki brush since it came out and I was way too happy to get it in my box. I have played with it for a while and it is my favorite brush already. See me using these brushes and makeup in my recent looks on Instagram here. Reviews will be coming soon! :)


Makeup product swatches.


You can browse through their products over here.

Let me make a few things clear over here.

  • I am affiliated to Sigma Beauty but that does not mean I’ll misguide you about them. Whatever I tell you will be what I exactly feel about the products. I’ll be honest with you and myself.
  • I will not just promote everything, I’ll promote what I like and I think you might like too.
  • Posts related to Sigma may contain affiliate links and I will earn a small amount of commission if you buy a product through those links. You can support my blog by using my links as what I will earn will be used for the betterment of my blog. :)

I know many of you readers do not read blog disclaimers so I thought, I had let you know this over here.  For further query read my blog Disclaimer.

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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