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Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lipstick – Treat | Review

Amazing Lipstick treat

Makeup Revolution is one brand that I find good quality and easy on pockets therefore, I tend to get my hands on its products more often. Being newly introduced to lipsticks I prefer lighter, more MLBB shades for myself so after going through a number of swatches online I chose to order the shade Treat from MUR’s Amazing lipstick collection. I got it back in February and I have been using it since then so I’m done testing it enough. Let’s talk about it now.

The packaging is not much of an eye candy. It’s just a basic black bullet that has a tiny bit of product in a transparent lid on top of it (see in the picture), which is very hard to pull out but luckily I managed to take it off without breaking the bullet, I will not recommend anyone doing that though. The cap is not tight, comes off very easily and it did got off in my makeup bag almost every time I took it with me. The gold letters are gone (completely erased) and there is no brand label left on the bullet as you can see. I am not very impressed by their packaging.


Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Treat Swatch

MUR Amazing Lipstick in Treat | Wrist Swatch


Moving to the lipstick, the swatches I found online were deceiving, it didn’t look anything like the pictures I saw and when I tried it for the first time I hated the color. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. It stayed in my drawer for like a week or two before I gave it a second try and surprisingly changed my mind then and there, the shade looked better … absolutely pretty! I don’t know how to describe the color, it’s a warm coral pink or I should say brink pink or maybe an orangish shade, it’s just hard to describe. The reason the color showed up clearly second time was because my lips were stained with foundation and the color actually showed up then so I think it would work best with a concealer, however, I do wear it without any. The formula is creamy and not my favorite, because it does not stay for a long time, mostly it wipes off within two hours leaving slight traces. Also, there won’t be any trace if you eat or drink. It accentuates lines and dry patches if the lips are not scrubbed and even when scrubbed and used over a lip balm it feels drying after some time. The pigmentation is good and can be built up but I prefer not to do that. I noticed it has a vanilla like scent that lingers for a while. What I don’t like at all is that it transfers with the slightest touch, so keep your hand away from your face which is practically impossible for me. 


MUR Amazing Lipstick in Treat | Lip Swatch


All in all, the formula is not a favorite but I still can’t stop wearing this lipstick. I love the shade and it goes well as an everyday lipstick. And yeah, in that price tag I think I shouldn’t be complaining alot, but the other lipstick I own from the same collection has a much better formula so I couldn’t resist expecting you know? I will definitely look for a dupe of this shade in other brands.

Price: 225 PKR

Availability: You can order it online on, or directly from their website.




Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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25 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lipstick – Treat | Review

  1. I guess its fone for the price range although a bit of staying power wouldnt have hurt the company haha. the packing looks exactly like MUA’s. These would be good for beginners i suppose.

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