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Eye of Horus Cosmetics | Review

Eye of Horus Cosmetics

Hello beauties!

My university just started this week, the semester is going to be a tough one so pardon me if I do not post often. Anyway, I’ve got two products of Eye of Horus Cosmetics to talk about today. I love using mascara and eye liner every time I do my makeup and these two have been my most grabbed product for the purpose. Scroll down to read why!

Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner – Black

Liquid Define Eyeliner Eye of Horus

It comes in a sleek pen like black packaging with a felt tip. The cap is sturdy and doesn’t come off loose. I really like felt tip eyeliners and this one has a really nice tip, which is soft and gives you control of how much product you’d like to discharge. Just like our stationary markers, the tip of this eyeliner is reversible i.e you can pull out the used tip and flip it around for a clean precise tip. 

The formula has a perfect consistency, neither runny nor thick. It dries off real quick so you don’t get any traces on eyelid. The product is not too pigmented, it’s not a jet black and it’s not very opaque either but you can layer it twice for a perfect black. It is water proof but can come off if rubbed vigorously. I haven’t experienced any flaking or tugging. The staying power depends on how long you stop yourself from rubbing your eyes. It does lighten by the end of the day.

The marker itself is easy to use but the formula could have been made a little better in that price tag. I would have loved a little more pigmentation and it would have been a hit if it didn’t come off at rubbing because I rub my eyes a lot! All in all, it is a decent product but the price seems exaggerated to me.

Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner

Eye of Horus Cosmetic Liquid Define Eyeliner | Wrist Swatch

I wanted to be a little creative at swatching this time, so I made this semi colon tattoo! The opacity is due to layering. It stayed for as long as I didn’t rub it! :D

Price: 30 AUD.



Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara – Black

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara

The packaging of Goddess Mascara is cute, it comes in a chubby black tube. The wand has small, finely spaced bristles that cover my lashes beautifully. I am not a pro at wands but I think with this type of wand it was easy to separate out lashes and give them definition evenly. I like the wand and packaging, it is sturdy and looks cute to me.

The formula is wet and does not dry instantly. It may trace your eyelids if not dried properly. Does not clump, and gives definition to the lashes evenly. They do look longer and it holds the curl for about 5 hours. It’s a bit difficult to take off and stays for as long as you let it, I unknowingly slept with mascara on and realized it was there in morning, not perfection though. 

Goddess Mascara Swatch

Eye of Horus Cosmetic Goddess Mascara Swatch

The swatch does not do justice to how beautiful it could make your eyelashes.

Price: 34.95 AUD.



Availability: This brand is not locally available in Pakistan, they can be bought online only at

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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DISCLAIMER: The product was sent to me for PR purpose.

5 thoughts on “Eye of Horus Cosmetics | Review

  1. Liked your creativity with the swatch :D I am enjoying pen type eyeliner too these days. It is so easy to work with. It’s from essence cosmetics. Would love to try this brand too :) Thanks for the honest review.



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