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Makeup Look Featuring Independence Day | Collaboration Post

Independence Day


Today is the day when everyone in Pakistan stands as one nation to celebrate the independence of our beloved country. The day brings out the patriotic spirit in everyone from elders to youngsters, small children are the most excited though. Since, everyone celebrates the day in different ways my blogger friend Umaima asked me if we could serve you something different on the plate, so, we decided to do a collaboration of makeup and nail art post. If you have been following me for sometime, you might already know I am a complete makeup freak, therefore, I did an independence day inspired look.

Makeup Items

Momina Haseeb

The focus of my makeup is mainly on eyes and my eye makeup is inspired my a Youtuber Diana Curmei of Easy Neon. The idea is similar but my picks and transition of colors is different. Let’s deal with the complete look in steps.

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

Cleanse your face properly and use a moisturizer as well as an eye cream.

Step 2: Eye Makeup

  • I used the Magicosmetix corrector concealer on the inner corner of my eyes (where it is pretty dark) and on my dark circles.
  • I took my Christine white eye pencil to create a base on my eyelid. Patted it with my little finger to even out any harsh lines.
  • Using my Sigma E56 I have applied a mint green eye shadow from Luscious Trio “Garden Party” in the inner half of my eye lid.
  • Then I have used a teal eye shadow on the rest of my eyelid using Sigma E55. The palette I used is of an uncommon brand
  • To remove any harsh lines I have used my blending brush Sigma E39 to blend the shades together.
  • I then took a rusty brown eye shadow from the same palette and blended it in the outer crease.
  • Used a grayish shadow to add a smokey look on the crease.
  • After that a sea green shadow and blended it over the half of mint green shade. In the end I have blended all the harsh lines using my Sigma blending brush.
  • Then I have used my CSP Graphique liquid eyeliner to do my bold wing.
  • I have used the same mint green shade on the inner side of my lower lash line and teal shade on the outer side. For this purpose I have used my Real Techniques lip/concealer brush. 
  • Lastly, I have topped off my eyelashes using Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara.
  • Just to make it look neat I have used Jordana Eye shadow in Cream Vanilla above the crease and a tiny bit on my brow bone, blended it again with my Sigma blending brush. (forgot to snap it)

Eye shadow

Step 3: Face Makeup

  • Using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush I applied Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation on my face.
  • After that, using the Sigma 3DHD precision brush I have applied Makeup Revolution concealer under my eyes, in the middle of my forehead and chin to highlight the areas.
  • I then used Maybelline Smooth & Clear face powder to set it all using the buffing brush again, I left the area on my cheeks.
  • To add color to my cheeks I have used Makeup Revolution Vivid lacquer blush in Heart and patted it with a sponge.
  • Lastly I have used Oriflame Lipstick in Blush Pink.

Tadaaa!  All done. It is just that easy. :D 


  • Find some cool nail art by Umaima here:  Dudettes Talk
  • You’ll love Naba’s nail art! Headover at: Shecorner 

So this was my Independence Day Makeup look and honestly I have never appreciated myself as much as I did on this makeup. :D Do let me know what you think of it and how you spent your day! To end I ‘ll just say that I wish the joy that we witness on this day happens to be seen everyday. I pray for the prosperity, peace and success of Pakistan with all my heart.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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