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Shades by GAL Luxury Matte Lipsticks* | Review & Swatch

Shades by GAL Luxury Matte Lipsticks

Earlier this year I was sent some goodies to try by Shades by GAL, a USA based brand that has a decent range of makeup products. Today I’ll be reviewing two lipsticks from their Luxury Matte range. Apologies! the post is going to be a bit picture heavy. ;)

The packaging is pretty chic, the black metal bullets look very sturdy but ofcourse, they catch finger prints quite easily. Their caps click on tightly therefore they can be carried easily. I don’t mind cleaning the finger prints off it so that’s not really a minus point for me. :P The lipsticks did not have a seal or box though they came in a cute makeup pouch. I love the packaging, it’s beautiful. 

shades by GAL lipsticks

Shades by GAL Luxury Matte Lipsticks Marilyn, Boysenberry


According to the website, both the shades are from their Luxury Matte range but the tag on Boysenberry says Luxury Lipstick, the formulation of both lipsticks is similar but Marilyn is slightly more matte than Boysenberry. These are rich in pigmentation, very creamy, the finish is semi matte and they keep your lips super hydrated. These also have a weird scent I cannot recognize and it lingers for sometime. The lipsticks apply smoothly, without tugging and do not accentuate any dry patches. Let’s discuss them individually now.

Shades by GAL Luxury Matte Lipsticks Swatch

Top: MARILYN; Bottom: BOYSENBERRY | Forearm Swatch

Boysenberry: It’s a beautiful dark berry shade that looks vampy and pretty hot. I’ve noticed it makes my lips stand out giving them a plumped look. The only drawback in this lipstick is the rich creamy formula that starts bleeding on the outline of lips and transfers with every touch. You drink and leave a stain on the glass, you eat and have it smearing on your hands or spoon, accidentally touch your lips and there goes a stain on your hand. The staying power of this lipstick depends on how long you can prevent it from getting touched, it stays for long without eating or drinking but would leave patches or tint after a meal. This lipstick is literally a hot mess. With this lipstick, I prefer wearing light makeup and focusing attention on a bold pout. 



Marilyn: Marilyn is a neon coral red and is not a color I’ll wear easily. It is slightly more matte than Boysenberry. Marilyn bleeds too but does not really smear like Boysenberry. I can actually wear it out without the fear of staining my hands or spoon lol. The staying power of Marilyn is really good and it won’t leave your lips until you want it to. The shade is very pretty and looks gorgeous with the right cat eye makeup. (you can check out my look here



Marilyn looks a little more neon in person but the lighting was pretty off so I couldn’t get the right color. *Meh* :3 And hey, I wear spectacles in my daily life so I thought of showing you how these lipsticks would suit me with spectacles on. ^^

Lip Swatch

Left: MARILYN; Right: BOYSENBERRY | LIp Swatch

Overall, I just wish Boysenberry wouldn’t transfer that much, I can even deal with bleeding on the outline because that is something I can go and fix, but I cannot embarrass myself with getting lipstick all over my hand or having it smear around my lips. In that case, these could have justified the price too. 


Availability: These are only available online at

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review.

41 thoughts on “Shades by GAL Luxury Matte Lipsticks* | Review & Swatch

    1. So I mentioned that they are semi matte. These look more creamy in swatch because I went crazy with layering though the finish of Marilyn is definitely semi matte, whereas boysenberry is a bit more creamy. :) x


  1. Omg Momina Boyenberry makes you look so hot ….like HOT hot …. get a better lipstick in that shade . I so want that shade now … loved the review .too bad for that price the performance is pretty bad

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  2. These are two of my all time fav shades to wear. I can help you out with the bleeding problem. For Boysenberry try the MUR lip liner in Rebel or Vamp. Only 180 PKR each. I love my Rebel. Apply the liner all over your lips, apply lipstick and blot gently with a tissue paper. No bleeding I promise :D For the other shade you should probably get a transparent lip primer. I think ELF has one. Your face swatches are cute and sexy respectively. So awesome to see you wear such shades xoxoxox -Sadaf

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very few dark colour lipsticks are staying in place all day. Even in your swatch the colour of Boysenberry is patchy. Keep this shade for the fall. It will look good and the 90’s trend till then will be in a full swing :)

    Liked by 1 person


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