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Review: KLenspop Bunny Color Brown Lenses*


I am a nearsighted person and as much as spectacles are a blessing to me, I find it unattractive to wear at times when I have to attend a function or I want to show off my eye makeup, but life without spectacles is almost impossible for me. The only hope left were contacts but I have always been very scared of wearing them. I bought them earlier in my life only to be left to expire.

However, from some time, I have been wanting to gather the courage to wear them, therefore I got excited (yet scared) to try these lenses that were sent to me by Klenspop. Most of you must have already heard about it. It’s a Korean brand that has a wide range of lenses, also, they provide powered lenses. I was sent the colors “bunny brown” & “bunny 3 color  gray”. I am reviewing the Bunny Color Brown which is an attractive orange-brown color and looks great when worn. Though I’m not a fan of colored lenses this looked pretty to me. 



You can read all the product specifications on their website here.

The lenses came in carefully sealed glass bottles with my power mentioned above the lids. The box contained a basic plastic case and plastic tweezers for the handling of lens. The box also contained a note with all the useful directions about the lenses.

They were hard for me wear on the first attempt of course, but since I really wanted to give them a shot I kept trying and every time I wore, it seemed easier than before. The application totally depends on how quick and in practice you are.



I have dark brown eyes and these lenses make my eyes stand out. The color looks different in different lighting though, in natural light it looks more of a light brown and in indoor lighting it looked more like a muddy brown. The lenses make your pupil appear a bit dilated and gives you those big doll eye effect. 

To me, the comfort level was satisfactory, I didn’t notice any redness or allergies after wearing these for about 5 hours, keep in mind that my eyes are very sensitive. Though I did notice a sudden blurring of my vision in the right eye when I wore them, the lens would move when I blinked(sometimes). I tried to flip it over and wear but that didn’t help. And it happened mostly when I was more focused and thinking about having the lenses on, once I was involved in other stuff I didn’t had alot of trouble *strange I know*. I’m no pro at dealing with contacts and if this is something that can be fixed, I’ad love to have some guidance. 

PicMonkey Collage

These pictures were taken with different lighting.

To sum it up, I’ll just say that nothing is more important to me than my eyes and therefore, I’ll choose the best for them. When these lenses came over, I was skeptical about their quality and how they had affect my eyes, but these seem to have good quality as they did not cause me any irritation after use and I guess I’ll be wearing them at functions to get rid of my spectacles lol. :P



Life Span: 6 months

Price: $20 currently discounted to $15.

Availability: Available online at



Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review.

18 thoughts on “Review: KLenspop Bunny Color Brown Lenses*

    1. I was never comfortable too, even now I am not very into wearing them but I feel the need to wear them on ocassions when I am going all traditional and glasses make me look like a ‘behanji’ 😜



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