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Review: Sigma Beauty 3DHD Kabuki Brush*

Sigma 3DHD

Apparently, I have been fascinated with Sigma 3DHD Kabuki ever since it was launched and was lucky enough to get it in my welcome package. *I can’t believe my luck at times* :D I have used it so much that I feel like I need more than just one piece so I can use them alternatively without getting worried about washing it for the next use. Scroll down to read what I think of this baby! 

I am a sucker for packaging and Sigma didn’t let me down. The brush came in a customized Sigma box along with other goodies and it had an open plastic wrap on it that I lost in a couple of days. *I forgot to snap it when it arrived :3*



The brush itself has a wooden handle which is light in weight and has 8 coats of paint that wouldn’t run off. The handle comes in three different colors; black, white and pink, I got the black one and even though pink seems more girly I am glad to have received the black one. It catches finger prints pretty easily but you can wipe it off with a tissue paper and it looks all pretty and new.

I love how soft the brush feels on your skin, it literally goes on so smoothly as if you are painting your face. The brush is super dense, it works great with cream and liquid products and gives you that smooth airbrushed effect. It does not leave any streaks, like when in rush I can just apply my foundation and not worry about checking my face twice in mirror to find any streaks because I am sure there ain’t any *Not that I’m asking you to do the same. ;)*

According to Sigma, the brush is called 3DHD because of the unique 3D shape that it has been given and how it performs perfectly without having the subjects move their muscle or in short make weird faces. In my opinion, their claim is true to some extent. I find it easy to apply foundation in the inner corners of my face, above my upper lips and eyebrows without making all those weird faces. What I find superb was swiping it under my eyes without the fear of having it touch my eye ball like some brushes do. Also, I have used it quite a lot of time to apply my foundation with a bold lipstick to see if it smears it and to my surprise it didn’t. The brush lives up-to it’s claims, however, it’s natural to make weird faces while putting on makeup and it isn’t even necessary at times but I feel like it gives me some kind of weird satisfaction you know. So even if I don’t need to move a muscle, I just would. :P

Moving on towards the most sensitive test that’ad be the shedding which didn’t occur regardless of the two three strands that were coming off loose. I was initially disappointed to see those two three hair strands that looked like they would shed but they are still there in the same way though I have actually washed this brush a gazillion times already. And oh, it does take alot of time to dry. I usually wash it in the evenings or day time and leave it to dry off all night so I can use it the next day. Washing it is also a bit exhausting as it’s really dense and takes a little longer to let go off all the product compared to my other brushes.

Excuse my skill on making videos but I have tried to show you how the brush actually performs. Head over to the video and check it out. :) 

All in all, this brush is definitely my favorite and I am seriously considering getting one more of it but with a different handle, pink maybe? ;) Have you used this brush? If yes, comment below. ^^



Price: $24.

Availability: The brush is available online at

Click HERE to shop right away!

Use code INNOVATINGBEAUTY at checkout for a 10% discount. Sigma offers free world wide shipping on orders above $150. 

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: The post contains product that was sent to me as a gift or for consideration from the Brand or a PR agency but my review is unbiased based on honest opinion.

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