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My Base Makeup Routine

DMGM SKIN PRIMER & Massarat Misbah Silk Foundation

I don’t do a full face makeup regularly but whenever I do, these are the two products that I have been using in my base makeup routine. Let’s talk about them individually now and before you make up your mind about these products please scroll down to the end and read about my skin condition which may be different than yours.

DMGM Skin Primer

DMGM Skin Primer

My base makeup routine was void of a primer until late July. I have seen so many beauty guru’s using primers as one of the most important part of their makeup ritual. I have read and heard about how it gives you a smooth base, minimizes pores, helps your makeup last longer and most importantly, acts like a barrier between your skin and makeup. So my friends, I decided to get a primer and picked up DMGM Skin Primer on a whim.

This primer comes in a sleek tube with a twist around cap that makes it easily portable. The tube is small and fits in your makeup bag without occupying much space. It came in a box which sadly failed to impress me because it screamed tacky compared to the bottle that deserves a much better packaging. I know this might not be troublesome to others but I really do care about good packaging and it hurts me when a brand fails that.

DMGM primer is a clear gel based product. A little blob is enough to cover the whole face, therefore this small bottle may easily last for a good few months. Moving on towards the performance, I am neither blown off nor completely disappointed with it. It claims to minimize the enlarged pores and appearance of lines but I didn’t see much difference, it did blur them out slightly and no doubt makes your skin feel smooth when touched, the pores didn’t seem to be minimized. Does it keep my skin matte? Nope, it doesn’t keep my skin matte any more than 3-4 hours (when I use a matte foundation). The only thing I am happy about is that it helps my makeup last longer, my skin doesn’t stay matte but my foundation doesn’t move either. It stays on my skin and doesn’t fade away. *whoops! I just wrote quite a lot of doesn’t thereee*

The product contains polymers of silicon which may cause allergy to acne prone or sensitive skin, thankfully it has treated me pretty well and I haven’t had any bad encounters.

In my opinion, this product may work best with normal or dry/combo skin. If you’re still wondering why it made to my routine products stash let me tell you that I’m on a hunt for some other primer to try, till then this is my only option and I like the fact that my makeup stays longer than usual and a little powder patting helps keep the oil at bay.

Price: I am not sure, but I think I bought it for PKR 1500 at Imtiaz Super Market.

Availability: Available at all DMGM kiosks. 



Masarrat Misbah Silk foundation – Natural Warmth

MM silk foundation Natural warmth

Although I am more of a BB person, foundation is my pick when going for a full face makeup and Masarrat Misbah’s Silk Foundation has made it to my routine products stash. I don’t even need to mention that this product has actually got me hooked for the fact that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, is purely natural and Halal. I took a lot of time to make up my mind for this particular product because I was not sure what I was expecting from it, though I have now worn it enough to finally rate it and give my opinion.

I have loved the packaging of MM makeup since it was released. The sleek black boxes look so beautiful and are worth all the hype. Sadly, I have lost mine while moving to my new place. I removed the box and kept it in another place so I don’t ruin it before taking a picture and look, I lost it. *cries an ocean*

The product itself comes in a glass bottle which I’m afraid of breaking though there hasn’t been such an incident up till now and I hope I won’t witness any in future as well. The bottle has a pump which discharges enough product to cover every inch of your face in one press. The pump gets stained easily and takes a millennium to get cleaned up. The bottle isn’t very huge and can be carried around in a makeup pouch.

The consistency of this foundation is mild, not too thick and just perfect to apply but it tends to dry out pretty quickly. The coverage is medium yet buildable, I go for two layers when opting for full coverage. The finish is not matte on my skin, it’s more like a dewy finish and gets greasy in the long run. I got the shade natural warmth, which of course I ordered online and didn’t match me but Good Lord! it adapts beautifully and doesn’t look ghostly or ashy on me; it actually is quite close to the color of the upper half of my neck therefore it looks just fine when blended in that area. I love it for this particular reason. ;)

Earlier, I mentioned I was not sure about this foundation because I noticed it emphasized on my pores and scars making them more prominent, another reason why I wanted to get a primer. With the primer underneath it seems slightly better but I just don’t get past the fact that it does make them look prominent. *Blessed are those with clear and smooth skin* This was the main reason that bugged me the whole time and I had that weird love-hate feeling for the foundation. However, things got better with the use of a primer but I still seek a better one.

To be specific, this foundation will work best with normal and dry skin, powder touch ups for an oily skin may be required. Given the price tag, this foundation is a decent bargain. 

Price: PKR 1450.

Availability: You can get this foundation from MM kiosks that are spreading through malls and reputable superstores quickly or order online at



Skin Condition: Extremely oily skin that tends to get greasy within a few hours. I have had acne since my early teenage and even though breakouts are not a serious issue now I have a lot of acne scars and uneven skin texture.
swatch of foundation
Wearing DMGM Skin Primer underneath Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation in shade Natural Warmth. The picture has been taken in natural lighting and slightly adjusted by editing.


Use code J4GDS5 at for a 5% discount. :)

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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11 thoughts on “My Base Makeup Routine

    1. Thank you sweety. :)
      I try to make my reviews as transparent as possible, however, I suggest considering the product with respect to your skin conditions which may differ from mine. :)
      Thankyou for reading. :-*


  1. I was thinking to buy DMGM primer but it seems similar to elf one so i would stick to that for now :) and it is sad that MM foundation coverage was not very good, though i would still love to try it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, look for another primer than. :)
      And the coverage is fine, it’s the fact that it emphasizes uneven texture. You should definitely give it a try if you have dry and smooth skin. Thanks for reading! :)



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