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SHOES | A Fashion Statement

Either dressing up casually or formally, almost all of us look for a good pair of shoes to compliment our outfit. In my opinion, pretty shoes can spice up any outfit and make it look good, also you can tell a lot about a person’s personal taste looking at what they like to wear. Our preferences do play a part according to trends or the type of occasion. 

Flat Fantasy! I love me some pointy flats. <3
Different kinds of High! Let me know what your favorite is. ;)

I love all kinds of women’s shoes especially high heels have always been my favorite since I was a little girl, but being favorite does not count in comforting. I am not really comfortable in those fancy high heels and prefer flats in my casual life. Formal occasions are an exception ofcourse! But flats are like my life at the moment, I just love basic pointy flat shoes or tiny strappy ballet flats.

I see most of the girls opting for flats for daily wear because they are comfortable, I believe. Though, some of us *shoe hoarders* do wear heels in their daily lives, and that with ease. Those could be sandle wedges, ankle straps, pumps or whatever suits them. My own mum prefers wedge sandals, I don’t recall her wearing flats often. 

I think wedge heels in particular can be worn in daily life because those are much more comfortable, casual & wearable for long hours. Flats are ofcourse the most comfortable and worn widely. That said, has a wide variety of flats and high heels on their website. Take a look for you might find a pair that might be your cinderella shoe! JK :D

Comment below and let me know what your favorite shoes are! Do you think of them just as a necessity or a fashion statement?

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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17 thoughts on “SHOES | A Fashion Statement

  1. ofcourse shoes are a fashion statement. without a good pair of shoes the outfit doesn’t complete. I love flats and wear them more often. Heels are not for me cause i am tall enough. no need of heels :)

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  2. I prefer wearing flats or ballet shoes. They are so comfy and look trendy to me. I loveee heels but wear those occasionally. I have been wanting to try wedges though. Will surely check the range at



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