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MUA Mascara – Shade 03 | Review

Colorful eyeliners have always looked great to me. Colorful mascaras? Well, that is something I was not sure about until I got my hands on this sky blue mascara by MUA. Earlier, I thought it was impractical, like I wouldn’t be wearing a blue mascara outdoors so what’s the point of having one. But, I changed my mind after trying it out for the first time because, it didn’t look as ghostly as I thought it would, instead, it looked really cool. Therefore, it was clear that I liked colored mascaras. LOL, atleast this one. This is the only colored mascara that I own for now, but I’ll definitely hunt for more in future. Let me get to the details on this one now.


MUA Mascara shade-03

Starting off with the packaging, it is pretty basic. A cylindrical mascara tube with straight wand. The tube is colored according to the shade of the actual formula which in my case is SKY BLUE. I won’t call the packaging cheap or sturdy, it’s just okay and in that price tag it’s probably good enough.

The formula is dry, it’s not too dry but it takes a little effort to apply. The purpose of this mascara is to give a colorful glam to your lashes which is what it does. The color is not very noticeable from a distance but if someone can see you upclose or talks to you directly, be prepared to get a few stares at your eyes!

It is not very long lasting though, it fades off in a while so it’s better worn with an eyelash primer underneath. The formula is not waterproof and comes off easily.

MUA Mascara - Shade 03 Swatch
MUA Mascara – Shade 03 | Wrist Swatch

Overall, it’s a good buy if you want to add a little spark in your neutral eye makeup or just want to jazz up your eyelashes. The performance is not very outstanding but it’s not bad either, especially younger teenagers can wear it out with a goofy smile and look totally adorable. ;)



Price & Quantity: 5.0ml for PKR 210.

Availability: Available online at


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: The product was given to me for review purpose.

9 thoughts on “MUA Mascara – Shade 03 | Review

  1. Nyc review, i don’t think i will ever wear a colored mascara, but as u r saying color is nt visible from far, maybe it can be used near the eyelids to fill the space between lashes i guess :p honest review ♡


  2. I have been wanting a coloured mascara for ages but I haven’t had a chance to get one. I will definitely try one out for my lower lashes. This is a really pretty colour and MUA is so affordable too -Sadaf



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