Karachi to Lahore | Life Update

Not long ago, I went to Lahore along with my two best friends for an Internship during our winter break. The story of this trip is full of so much rush and excitement that even if I try to write it all down, I can’t and if by chance I do, there are mere chances that you guys would get bored so I will actually keep it short.

Beginning with how it started, my friends and I had been planning to go for Internship at SKMCH since our second year but it was delayed twice, this time we just had to go and with that in mind, we filled the forms, applied and luckily got accepted. I had an exam the same day I had to get on the flight for Lahore, and it all just got so freaky, cuz I had to get it rescheduled earlier with the other group and an unannounced holiday came therefore another of our exam had to be rescheduled. To get out of the rescheduling fuss we had to give two exams in a day.. :3 it was such a mess! Getting all those stares from everyone, rushing around to one teacher then another for our vivas. But I made it, my friends did too and on 21st December, we finally took our flight to Lahore.

I have never traveled without family before, so a day before our flight I started feeling homesick, I actually didn’t want to go at all, my excitement seemed to have vanished all of a sudden. Once I was at the airport, we checked in and it started to seem more real, I was all excited again! :P Landing in Lahore was like, OMG! Hum Lahore Aagayeeeee!! (OMG! We came to Lahore!) It was kind of unbelievable cuz we have been through so much no’s and naa’s it was hard to believe that we finally went to Lahore.

We had already talked to a lady who owned the Bajwa House (girls hostel) to stay at, but when we went there, it was horrible, I’ll never actually refer anyone to go to that awful hostel because trust me that woman was so rude and she was making us stay in a room that was more of a servant quarter, I mean seriously! It was so awful I don’t even want to think about it again.. It was quite late at night but thankfully one of my friend, Jadirah’s father was with us and she also had a better hostel in sight. We went there and the family was so nice, they took us in after midnight which was really nice of them. Even the hostel room we settled in was so good and neat but soooooo cold. I didn’t realize how cold Lahore was until I started shivering at night. Like, I never wear a sweater or hoodie while I sleep, I would suffocate and die. But in Lahore, I literally got up and got my hoodie on late at night because it was so damn coldddddd! I’m a winter child and I have always loved winters, but during my stay at Lahore, everytime I entered our room, I was like “Oh lord, why is it sooo cold?”

And forget about the room, will you believe how I dressed the first evening we got out to check out our society, I had everything warm I found all over me, I had a beanie to cover my head and ears, I had gloves on, a long sweater coat, a shawl and sneakers. When we got out, little girls were playing around in a single hoodie and some of them with none at all. But I was like “Screw everything, I need to keep myself warm so Idc!” XD I regret not clicking a picture of my attire or I would have uploaded it here, and hey my friends were dressed like aliens too! LOL! Anyone could have pointed out us as Karachites… tehehehe ..

PS: We got out to look around the society but went to a close by restaurant and actually got surprised and nearly had a heart attack cuz my bestie who told us he couldn’t come to Lahore, actually came in a very creepy way while we were sitting and surprised us! Me and Fariyal nearly had a heart attack, Jadirah knew cuz she was the one in contact with him but even she felt the nerve. He didn’t mean to scare us but heck it was soooo bad because we couldn’t have imagined him coming there at all! And it looked like a dream.


Butt’s Pizza, my friend’s cousin brought it for us on our first day, so we basically had pizza for lunch on our first day at Lahore! :P
20151225_174011 (1)
Some … Pasta we ate at Friends Cafe. It was really good and their specialty.
We went to Jinnah Park unplanned and I really liked the trails so I took some photos lol. Had no idea what this park was famous for.. :/
Another one from Jinnah Park.
Al-Kebab’s Chicken Peshawari Karhaai was the best Karhaai I’ve ever had!

Even though I did carry a makeup bag with me, I was just so lazy and winter sick to get up and put on any makeup.. I didn’t stick to this routine long though.. but yeah I was bracing my own skin and rocking my no-makeup face usually! :P And whenever I did put on any makeup, I was drawn to the NYX lip creams I was carrying, they have been my usual pick during the entire trip. I’ll be posting my opinion on them soon..

The craziest thing that happened in Lahore was ME LIKING BURGERS *takes a minute pause..gulp…* If you guys know me at all, it would be quite a surprise for you too. I HATED burgers so much I had never take a bite. Like literally, I have made my friends eat pizza all the time during three years of my university life just because I hate burgers. But a miracle happened and I started liking them in Lahore and not only like, I actually loved Burger Hub’s NewYorker Chick so much that I have been craving it since I came back! I so wish I could have it here too. That cheesy sauce in it was soooooooooo amazing! I was literally like “khatam hogaya? I want to eat more” (“Is it finished? I want to eat more”). I can’t believe myself, I almost think I have turned into a new person, someone who did chose burger over pizza, which is so unlike me! :P Am I ME? Or am I someone else? Uh, I’m feeling weird… So not like myself! -____-

Burger Hub’s The New Yoker Chick! It tasted so delicious I want to cry! :( I sooo want to have it again. :(
Mozzarella 27’s Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta! It was so yummy!

I think I have written quite alot, and I don’t want you to run away. If you’re still reading this I love you!  My trip to Lahore was actually educational but I did have alot of fun with my best friends who stayed with me during thick and thin. We have so many amazing memories together that are always going to stay with me! I got really sick during the last four days and they were so caring especially my dearest Farru (Fariyal Suri) who herself was not well took so much care of me. I Love her for being such a sweetheart! I loved everything about Lahore, about how peaceful and clean the city is.. but but.. I hate the public transport there, seriously that was the worst experience of my life! They were ridiculous… and so “baaaaadtamiz” I learned a few bits of Punjabi, that too with accent but I’ll never be able to pull it off like Lahories lol! :P

I came home with a sinus infection and got so sick that I was unable to blog or get active anywhere. Now that I have recovered I’ll try to post actively and get on with the reviews. :) I hope I didn’t bore you with this post but I really wanted to write it all down and my heart is telling me to write more and share every funny and tragic event that occurred there but I’ll stop and let my brain take over. :P I’ll see you with a review next time!

PS: People who are not aware of Al-Kebab near Johar Town should definitely go and try it out. We loved their Peshawri Karhaai. ;)

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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19 thoughts on “Karachi to Lahore | Life Update

  1. Loved reading this post. I was born in lahore so it’s very close to my heart. The food looks aamazing! I am so hungry right now. We can’t find any halal food on the island so I envy you!! I enjoyed reading it. You should have written more about lahore. And posted photos of old buildings. You know what I mean. All the best!

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