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MM Long Lasting Lipstick – Show Stopper | Review & Swatch

MM Makeup took everyone by surprise by their great quality and affordable products. I myself wanted to try out their entire range as soon as the brand launched but only got to try out their foundation which was being raved everywhere. I swatch MM makeup every now and then when I visit the mall but one reason I never bought it is because of the annoying sales girls. I don’t know what’s with me, if I want to get something for myself I don’t want people poking in their noses. And these sales girls are just too hyped up to grasp on a prey that they usually just send off a customer with their nosy attitude. So, when I was in Lahore, as soon as I saw the MM counter at Fortress Mall I was like come lets check it out. And I swatched a few lipsticks, the varnishes and long lasting ones. This shade “Show Stopper” from the long lasting collection caught my attention, so my bestie got it for me.

MM Lipstick - Show Stopper

mm lipstick

I love black packaging so I really like the box, it’s quite neat and looks high end. However, the bullet itself is not very sturdy, the cap comes off easily if you’re a little careless with the handling. The bullet does catch fingerprints and I’ve been wiping them off to keep it neat and pretty. In my opinion, the packaging is nice but could have been better.

The formula of this matte lipstick is wax like, pretty drying and takes effort to apply. Any dry patches can make application difficult as well the formula accentuates, so you better get rid of them before application. The lipstick is no doubt very long lasting but it settles in fine lines in the long run and err.. can look really bad, especially when I had my dinner and went to see if the lipstick was still there, it was still there but it had settled in places and looked crumbled and awful. I would suggest proper scrubbing and moisturizing of lips before applying this lipstick, also putting on a lip balm right before application makes lipstick application difficult because the lipstick just slides off leaving very light pigmentation so you better avoid that. The pigmentation of this lipstick is reeeeally good and you get a good opaque lip in just one swipe, it’s quite hard to take it off too and definitely requires a makeup remover cuz water alone cannot take it off. Overall, I think the formula is a bit too drying for my liking, I am actually pretty fond of mattes and I don’t mind drying lipsticks but this one didn’t really impress me, maybe because I was expecting alot more from the product. And oh, it transfers too.. I can still make it work though, it just takes alot of prepping time lol.

Wrist Swatch
MM Long Lasting Matte Lipstick – Show Stopper | Wrist Swatch
Momina Haseeb
MM Long Lasting Matte Lipstick – Show Stopper | Lip Swatch

Show Stopper is a beautiful color which is hard to describe. When I swatched it in store it definitely looked more of a mauve-y pink but when I applied it on my lips, it lingered more on the red side. It looks different in different lighting though, you can definitely notice the pink undertones in natural lighting. I took this photo in natural lighting and Idk why it looks really red on my wrist which is definitely not the case. I tried to take tons of photos to get the right wrist swatch but my camera wasn’t picking the shade right so meh!

Well, is it just me who sees the pink undertones, or can you too? Do let me know your thoughts about the shade, also, have you tried this range? If yes, how do you make it work for you? :)

Price: 850 PKR

Availability: MM kiosks at Scentsation and online at



Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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17 thoughts on “MM Long Lasting Lipstick – Show Stopper | Review & Swatch

  1. This is pretty sad :( I expect halal ingredients to result in better matte formulas. It looks beautiful on you. I can definitely see the pink. For the price tag, I will pass especially since a lip balm just makes application worse. Thank for the honest review :*

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