Olor Pakistan 24Hour Active Deodorant New Fragrances | Review

I recently got the chance of trying the newly launched fragrances in 24 hour Active Deodorants by Olor Pakistan. They were sweet enough to send me these fragrances to try out. I was actually recovering from a sinus infection when I received these so my smelling sense was a bit too weak to give any opinions, now that I’ve got it back and good I wanted to share my thoughts on these with you people. However, keep in mind that I’m no specialist and didn’t go through any rocket science to conclude what I think of them, whatever I tell you about them is my own personal opinion and can differ to yours. 


The deodorants come in basic metallic bottles with plastic caps. The bottles are not too long or short and are appropriate size to fit in a travel bag/purse.Moving on towards the scent, all three of these fragrances have a sweet note to them. Lets talk about the scents separately,

Glamorous Gold has the elements “Lilac & Amber” and it’s a very warm, subtle scent which is just the right amount of earthly sweetness merged with slightly strong notes. It’s quite refreshing and is perfect for women who’re not into bubbly or fruity scents. I really like this one!

Vibrant Violet is more of a cooler scent with mild floral sweetness to it but leaves a spicy fruity hint too. I don’t know how to describe it but it has like a floury/dusty/biscuit-y feel to it. It still lingers more on the softer side and this one has a good refreshing combination. I think most of the women would like it if they’re not into too sweet or too spicy scents. It has the elements “Iris and Black currant”. I find myself reaching out for it too.

Rosy Raspberry is very sweet and smells like vanilla essence just as the elements “Raspberry & Vanilla” suggest. It’s a soft fragrance with no hints of spiciness or any stronger notes. This one is more suitable for people who like more sweeter scents. 

I personally like Glamorous Gold more cuz I’m not into too sweet scents, I do like bubbly scents at times but it’s just a phase when I like them. Rosy Raspberry is not my favorite cuz as I said I don’t fall for an overall sweet scent, therefore it’s not for me. Vibrant Violet is pretty refreshing too, and I like the spicy note in it. These are not too long lasting but they’re fairly good for a day out, if you’re carrying it with you, you can spritz on some and freshen up yourself. 

Price: Not sure but it’s around 200 Rs.
Availability: It’s easily available locally at supermarkets and markets in general. 

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review purpose. 

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