Pizza Hut’s Doritos Pizza Launch Party & Review

Doritos Pizza Launch Party

When I got the invitation to the Launch Party of Pizza Hut’s Doritos Pizza I knew I had to go, cuz seriously, who says no to pizza? Atleast not me. So, when the day came, I was all set to go and give my heart to the pizza heaven. Keep on reading if you want to know what I think about this scrumptious innovation. :) 


Left: Marya Khan CMIO, Right: ANoushey Ashraf as the host


I had university that day so I reached a little late and missed the starting bit but was there before the count down began. The whole floor was immensely crowded, like I said, who would want to miss pizza? Back to the topic, the decoration was great, but we needed a little more room to actually look around lol. Nonetheless I was pretty glad to easily get the glimpse of the pizza when the curtains went up on countdown and my initial reaction to the image was “Um, okay.. It looks fine!” We then settled down to savour the pizza.

In the mean while, our sweet host Anoushey Ashraf was hosting the Minute to Win It games and we were not sitting in the best of locations, because the camera men were all darting on our faces while we were eating which ofcourse wasn’t very pleasant, mind that I’m a bit camera shy! However it was fun to the see the bubbly Anoushey making the event more fun with her pleasant attitude. Even Samrah Muslim greeted us pleasantly. The atmosphere around was quite welcoming and cool. 


Chicken Tikka

There were two different flavors on our table and one I’m sure was ‘Chicken Tikka’ and the other one was probably Fajita but I’m not sure. Chicken Tikka was definitely good and tasted delicious as always, the fact that the doritos were layered on top on the edges made it easier to pick it off and eat it alone lol. Well, do you know the feeling when you are on the way to your last bites and you’re left with the crust only, at those times I feel like I had a bit more of that cheesy layering because I don’t fancy eating the crust alone and with this new pizza I didn’t feel that cuz it tasted nice with those crunchy doritos on top so thumbs up to that. On the contrary, the other flavor(probably fajita) had this different sort of sauce filled inside which was not my cup of tea. It didn’t taste nice to me maybe because it had that brabeque sauce like taste which ain’t my favorite so I didn’t fall for that one. 

All in all, if you’re a fan of Doritos and crunchy toppings then there’s no harm in giving it a try since you get a good sized pizza which is larger than their large size but if that’s not your kind of taste then I still suggest you to go give it a try because there is absolutely no harm in trying new things and you won’t develop the taste until you give it a try. For further details you can check out their website

Have you tried the pizza already? What do you think of it? Your feedback is always welcomed. :) 

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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