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DIY Haircut Experience And My Tips


DIYs are always cool to try unless they’re not going to result in a serious damage. I’m someone who takes decisions either very thoughtfully or on an instinct therefore, when I was inspired by short hair enough for it to take over my brain I decided to get my hair short. Now, this is not the first time I’ve cut my hair myself but this was the first time I cut off a major length. I saw some YouTube tutorials of getting a long bob earlier and what was just going to be an inch trim turned out into a full hair cut. I started by chopping off my front layers which was a mistake considering I was going for a long bob but the damage was done. It was then harder to cut down my back hair but I did anyway. I was actually horrified at how short they looked when I first examined, it only got better after a blow dry and a lil bit of styling and an hour later I was going gaga over my hair, I loved the way it turned out. Ofcourse, I’m no professional and it could have been alot better but hey, it wasn’t bad so I do get some reward for that. :D


  • Never ever try to cut your hair by yourself if you’re not sure about what you’re doing.
  • You should have all the necessary tools like hair cutting scissors, clips and a tail comb. Use sharp scissors.
  • Do not try to cut your hair dry, always wet them so it’s easier to cut and doesn’t result in an uneven cut.
  • Cut them a little longer than the length you’re choosing for them because once your hair is dry it bounces an inch upward.
  • Don’t forget to section your hairs, cut each section at a time, don’t rush.
  • Once you’re happy with your hair, hold down sections and cut them using the tips of scissors vertically to give a natural look and avoid the blunt edges.
  • Blow dry, comb, and examine from different angles to check if there’s any part that needs attention.

Cutting your hair at home is not easy and definitely not something you want to just plunge into if you haven’t done it before. Like I mentioned, I’ve been cutting and trimming my hair myself alot, therefore I know how to handle my hair and stuff. If you ever plan on doing so, make sure you have some important information about it. Keep in mind that I’m not a professional and my opinion is based on my experience and it can differ to yours.

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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